Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Month!!!

Time has FLOWN!!! I cannot believe Hunter is already a month old (and we've survived a whole month with two kiddos LOL). I fall more in love with him every day. We are adjusting-Bella goes back and forth between loving on him and being all sweet to hitting him on top of the head and bursting into tears out of the blue. So we're gonna work on giving her more of her own time with each of us away from Hunter. She has been an AWESOME help!!!!

Ok so I wrote this almost 2 weeks ago now when Hunter had just turned a month old LOL We're learning how quickly germs can spread amongst 4 people:( We weighed Mr. Man last week at my Papa's (weighed me alone and then me holding Hunter-has turned out to be pretty accurate in the past) and he weighed in at 11 lbs. That is the same that Bella weighed at 3 months!! I know she was TINY but WOW!!!! Typical feeding for him is breastfeeding on both sides and then 2-5 oz of formula. The boy LOVES to eat!!!

Sweet lil man- his umbilical cord FINALLY fell off on Sunday!! We went to change his diaper and it was gone-stuck up in the top of his shirt LOL

Sissy being nice and playing with HER brudder

Daddy and his sweet babies

Bella in her poodle skirt from Aunt Annette-she had so much fun prancing around in that!!!

Priss and her goofy smile

I love this goofy face!!!

Looking good

Sweet boy

STOP with that flashy thing!!!

Yep still not liking it

Don't make me throw gang signs Mama!!!

big beautiful blues

Monday, January 5, 2009

Update from the Infirmary

GREAT news first- Hunter tested negative for RSV!!! Kind of scary when that is the very first thing the pediatrician does when she hears his cough-shove the RSV swab up his nose. He does have bronchiolitis with a wheezy cough that will likely last another 3 wks and be worse before it gets better (HA and we just thought we had gotten his nights and days straightened up and would be getting sleep). We have to watch him real closely for pneumonia.

I have bronchitis and am starting my 2nd round of antibiotics. Bella sounded better this morning. Ben was congested all night but hopefully the OTC stuff kicked in.

I'm ready for winter and its yukky germs to hit the road!!!!