Monday, October 19, 2009

You've Come A Long Way, Baby Girl

Sometimes I feel like that's what God is saying to me lately:) AND I LOVE that reminder!!

This weekend we got to pack up the kiddos (and their entourage) and head to Little Rock for Ben's cousin's wedding. Bella was the flower girl:) She did pretty awesome for her first gig-made it about 3/4 down the aisle before she saw Mama and decided to detour it straight for our pew LOL She did actually toss flowers out before that so she did better than me my first time LOL

I remember when I was first diagnosed and my cousin wanted me and my mom to come to a Taylor Swift concert with her in Chicago (unfortunately same weekend as the wedding). All I could think was, "OCTOBER?!?! Seriously, you think I'm gonna make it to October and actually feel human enough to not only make a trip to Chicago but do a concert?!?!" I told myself that I'd be happy if I was healthy enough to enjoy Christmas with my family.

So, it is October and here I am. I drove the whole way down and back-no my husband is not evil and did not force me to, I WANTED to and I was ABLE to:) I was ABLE to enjoy all the festivities and had a blast with my baby girl (and Mr. Man too). And didn't feel the need for a nap the entire weekend-HUGE for me!!!

It is still so hard to imagine that only 6 months ago I was hearing "it's cancer" for the first time, was going to all these insane appointments that I never imagined myself having to face, scheduling surgery, wondering when radiation would start and how long it would last, fearing they would find the cancer had spread, and just wanting my body to cooperate enough so I could enjoy every single second with my family, and praying this horrible disease did not have a negative impact on their lives (at least nothing they'll remember LOL). It seems like a lifetime ago that I was having to face this huge fight. But God never left my side for one minute-he was there for all those appointments, watched over the surgeons, was in the treatment room every afternoon (and even sent a few awesome cancer posse chicas my way to run into every afternoon), and took every cell of cancer out of my body. My family has been so blessed with all the prayers, emails, cards, meals, visits from complete strangers (AND people we love dearly LOL), and I know that is what kept us going.

It is scary, it does completely bring your world to a halt, and make you question all sorts of things that you never imagined would enter your mind, but in the end, its made me soooo much stronger and brought me a million times closer to my family, friends, and definitely God. Is it crazy to be thankful for cancer? I'm not thankful for all that we had to endure, but I'm thankful for the end product:)

My cheesy babies :)

Daddy with Hunter and Tinkerbelle

Daddy and his girl

Me and the flower girl:)

These crazy people that I live with decided to have a Parade LOL:)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

HUGE Pic Update

LOL so I think just about every blog post lately has been "HUGE Pic Update" because I'm such a slacker-actually I'm just really uber busy finally getting to just love life and have fun with my babies:) Not gonna make any promises that I'll do a better job and post more often, that way you can get all excited when I surprise you!

Sweet munchkins ready for church

Bella's first field trip was to the Fire Station-she LOVED it!!!

Yep 3 going on 13, and boy does she have it down pat!!

Love my Bub!

Sweet Chubs pressing his face against the window (gotta love how its COVERED in baby finger prints LOL)

This is his favorite spot

My lil performer (Hunter is clapping LOL such a good brother!)

Gonna be a karoake star!!!

Chubs thinking he is hot stuff:)

LOVE my babies playing together!!! (fast forward about 5 minutes and she has managed to clobber him and he is bawling LOL)

Bella discovered her fishing pole in the garage so she decided she needed to "gold fish" in the bird bath LOL CRAZY imagination, seriously dunno where she gets it?!?!

Guess she is checking out all the fish


Cheesy man!! (Aunt Carolyn-like my padding job so he can fit in the swing?)

His 2nd fav spot

Love me some Chub curls!

Ok seriously scary but check out the toofers, and those blue eyes are gonna break some hearts!!

Aunt 'Net-Bella LOVES her foam bubble spray LOL

Don King, eat your heart out!!

Bestest friends for life!!! I think Hunter has taken claim of Tinkerbelle-they are HILARIOUS together!!