Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Videos

Bella's rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" while reading her Bible:) Beautiful music!!

Kiddos in the bathtub with Bella screaming "It's ok, Dom! It's ok!" This is her newest thing to say whenever I ask her to not do something LOL And "Dom" is "Daddy" + "Mom"

Hunter loving bathtime!

HUGE Pic Update

Needed to empty the good ol memory card.... TOTALLY not in order at all so just enjoy:)

My newest thing is calling Bella and I "the girls" and Ben and Hunter "the boys"-just something that popped outta my mouth one day and its stuck. Growing up I was the only girl in our neighborhood and I never had a sister, so its kinda fun to be "one of the girls" :)

Bella's hugs are seriously a God thing!

My butterfly garden decided to bloom again!!! Everytime Bella finds a caterpillar (which she always calls "Hermie"-a fav from Aunt Alyssa), we take it to the butterfly garden so it can eat and grow into a beautiful butterfly.

He is already all boy!!! He loves to lure Tink over to him and then he alternates between pile driving her or sliding his arm under her belly and making her do a back flip LOL Well she gave him a taste of his own medicine the other day so he was "Lil Bruiser" for a few days (red chin and nose from scratches)

such a lil cheeser monkey

'Hawk compliments of Daddy

LOVE watching my babies play together

Tink being the lil Queen she is:)

We went to a Naturals game when my dad and brother were in town last month and Bella got to run the bases after the game:) She said, "I'm a baseball player" afterwards!!

She is the shorty in the maroon shirt:)

Happy Man chillin on the blanket at the game-we LOVE the grass area where the kids can run and play

Being a chubby lil giggle monster


Only my brother would bring a book to read at a baseball game!!!!

The Latest

I started feeling kinda crummy last week-just real weak and some fatigue. Towards the end of the week I was having lots of dizzy spells, some nausea and shortness of breath. All the same stuff I experienced when my blood levels were low last time. So I went in yesterday to have my levels checked (YES, I should have done it before the holiday weekend). They are still in the "safe" zone but have dropped a bit. We're hoping that my body is just trying to fight off the bug that everyone is passing around. If I still feel crummy on Friday and haven't gotten sick, then I have to go back in to have my levels rechecked. Please pray that they bounce back!!

Gonna post updated pics/videos of the kiddos on the Family Blog.

Thank you all so much for the continued prayers!!!