Friday, March 26, 2010

YAY Finally Pics

YIKES I knew it had been a LOOOOONG time since I had posted pictures but WOWZERS!!! Life has been just a tad bit busy since Mama started working at NWACC (LOOOOOVE my job and everyone I work with is great!) but we are slooooowly getting into a new routine for our new normal. I told someone the other day, it is nice that life finally doesn't revolve around cancer:) We are ALL looking forward to warmer weather so we can play outside and go for walks.

Hunter is getting SO big!! It seems like he is going through a never-ending growth spurt. He started feeding himself last week-refuses to let anyone help him. So it is quite a messy eating experience but he does great and definitely eats like a growing boy!

Spaghetti & meatballs and corn

His favorite-sweet potatoes

2nd fav-pizza!!! Yep, look at that adorable smirk!! He is definitely looking more like a boy and not my little baby:( Good thing he still loves to cuddle with mama!
This week was Spring Break. Mama still had to work so Bella got to have fun with Nana and Gramma. Mama took off on Wednesday so we could go to the Walton Arts Center and see Nickelodeon Storytime Live (Backyardigans, Ni Hao Kailan, Wonder Pets, and.... DORA!!!). Bella wasn't too sure about all of it at first-really loud and a huge crowd (plus I think the fact that they were live people and not a cartoon kinda threw her off) but by the time Dora came out she was a happy chica!!
Before the show began
We were first row in the balcony-thought that would be the best choice so she could be high up enough to see everything and front row so she wouldn't have to be held up above everyone's heads the whole time. It was perfect and she loved being able to stand up next to the rail and see EVERYTHING:)

HA intermission and my chica is so happy her face can barely contain that smile!!! Note: had to do a wardrobe change into her new Dora/Kailan shirt:)

Happy lil goober:) She had so much fun!!
Checking out the small creek with fish in it after the show
Where did she get those looooooooooong legs from?!?!

Cute lil buster in his big boy jams

This is an older one-you can compare it to the PJ pic above and see how much he has changed in just a month!

My happy guy


Bathtime!!! Gotta love both my monkeys with their ear plugs in LOL

Lil heartbreaker

Awesome shirt from Pop for Valentine's Day

Lil Princessa being all serious

Love my happy monster

See all those teeth?!?! He is working on 4 molars at the same time-not fun for Mama & Daddy at night!!!


Lil goober-he is seriously always so happy and fun!!!

Chasing Mama trying to get the camera
Sissy reading her Valentine

You can guess what happens next