Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bella's 1 yr Portraits

We got Bella's 1 yr portraits done this weekend at The Picture People. She was hungry, tired and was a few hours away from a really bad fever (yes, I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow:)) so we didn't get many smiles but I think they still turned out good. Her personality still shines through:) She has got the poses down!! just need to add a lil cheese and we'll be awesome!

My favs, which we are going to get a sheet of each and then I'll scan into and order bigger prints:)

Gotta love the air guitar:) Not sure which finger that is....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Newest Tricks

Always something new up her sleeve:) On her birthday she started consciously saying (as in not just babbling must purposefully saying a word at the right time) "DaDa", "Daaaaa", and "DaDeeeeeee". Her own lil birthday present to her Daddy for loving her so much this first year. She has also started this goofy thing where she opens her mouth, then clinches down on her teeth (ok top gums down onto the two teeth on bottom) and then blows spit. Its hilarious!!!

Monday we were at my mom's before Anthony's flight out and Bella played with Sam Dog the whole time. Now the poor girl will not stop running around with her tongue hanging out like she is a dog. Frickin nut!! I love it! She even breathes real hard like a dog when she does it. Sometimes it scares me how smart she can be.

And, just to make sure we don't get bored, she is taking steps. She'll go between pieces of furniture and take one or two steps without holding on to anything, and then look up at you and just bust out laughing. She is way too proud of herself:) She is all over her push walker. She zooms all over the place-no steering technique yet but she can haul some major booty-especially if a kitty is in sight!!! Its crazy-like she just wakes up one day, "Ok I'm going to do this trick even though I've never even practiced it and no one has shown me how to do it." STOP GROWING UP SO FAST!!!!!! Ok so I love every single itty bitty second of it:) I know she'll go on amazing me every single day for the rest of her life so I can get over being sad LOL

k time to hit the sack

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bella Bean's Bday Party!!!


We celebrated Bella's 1st birthday with a cookout/pool party at our house with family and friends on July 14th.

Bella with Pop, Mama and Daddy before the fun started

R to L: Mama's friend Jessica, Papa, Gramma, Bella's friend Logen, Uncle Popeye (Aaron), GiGi, Papa Dana

Bella with her neighbor friend, Joy (they are 10 days apart)

Bella and Logen playing with the toys in the pool-they couldn't decide if the cold water was worth getting in:) They both ended up in the pool for about 15 minutes. We decided to get them out when they started shivering:)

Bella's friend Parker (Logen's lil brother)

The FUN has begun!!!! Lil miss icing lips:)

This one is DEFINITELY going in the black mail pile:)

My sweet baby girl is 1!!!!

Don't let the dainty fingers fool ya!

Time for presents!!!!

Bella and Logen testing out the new toys

Big huge THANK YOU from Bella for all of the awesome gifts!!! We can barely pull her away from them. We ended up having to put a few in each room so she would stop spinning in circles looking at all of them LOL Thank you to everyone that was able to be at her party-ya'll made it a wonderful day and we were so glad you were able to share it with us. I still can't believe that lil 6lb baby is a year old!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bella's 1 yr stats

Lil missy is still a lil missy but healthy and growing:)

Birth: 6lbs 2oz and 18.75 inches
Today: 18lbs 8oz and 27.25 inches

I can't believe my tinky baby is about to be a year old!!!! I love the lil lady she is becoming-so much personality but I seriously want to cry because its going way too fast. We are so lucky to have been able to soak up every little moment of her life so far and love every second of it. k gonna run before I start getting weepy and make you point and laugh:)

I promise to update with TONS of bday pics!!! (I'll be the dork that has to use 2 memory cartridges LOL)

Aunt Annette-sending you prayers to get better supa dupa fast!!! We love you and will miss you this weekend!