Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Newest Tricks

Always something new up her sleeve:) On her birthday she started consciously saying (as in not just babbling must purposefully saying a word at the right time) "DaDa", "Daaaaa", and "DaDeeeeeee". Her own lil birthday present to her Daddy for loving her so much this first year. She has also started this goofy thing where she opens her mouth, then clinches down on her teeth (ok top gums down onto the two teeth on bottom) and then blows spit. Its hilarious!!!

Monday we were at my mom's before Anthony's flight out and Bella played with Sam Dog the whole time. Now the poor girl will not stop running around with her tongue hanging out like she is a dog. Frickin nut!! I love it! She even breathes real hard like a dog when she does it. Sometimes it scares me how smart she can be.

And, just to make sure we don't get bored, she is taking steps. She'll go between pieces of furniture and take one or two steps without holding on to anything, and then look up at you and just bust out laughing. She is way too proud of herself:) She is all over her push walker. She zooms all over the place-no steering technique yet but she can haul some major booty-especially if a kitty is in sight!!! Its crazy-like she just wakes up one day, "Ok I'm going to do this trick even though I've never even practiced it and no one has shown me how to do it." STOP GROWING UP SO FAST!!!!!! Ok so I love every single itty bitty second of it:) I know she'll go on amazing me every single day for the rest of her life so I can get over being sad LOL

k time to hit the sack

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