Monday, August 25, 2008

Almost 23 weeks

Had Ben take some pics yesterday morning before we left for church so you could actually see me in decent clothes with makeup and hair fixed LOL Took pics in living room which hasn't been painted yet, so ignore the touch-up spots

22.5 wks

20 wks (pretty new walls in our room)

22.5 wks (Bella was hiding behind me and you can't even see her LOL) Blah my face is getting fat now

20 wks

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Bella and I got to have a fun afternoon outside on Friday. She had just gotten up from her nap so you have to excuse the loverly bed head:)

Just observing her little world. She loves being outside and hearing all the sounds-the birds, dogs, "bees" (any bug) and waves at cars when they go by

An airplane had gone overhead and she was asking, "Airplane go?" (where did the airplane go)

Not happy that the airplane left her!

She has got the sassy pout down!!!!

And the glare to go with it LOL:) I have to turn my head so she doesn't see me laughing

This is how it always ends-arms up ready for mama or daddy to come save her from her misery LOL

Chessy monkey:)

My new fav pic-my beautiful Ben Jr with those eyes!!

I'm soooo in love with this lil person-everything, her chubby lil cheeks, that adorable nose, her sweet lil smile, how her hair gets curly when she has a sweaty head

She has gone from wanting to swing hours on end to just wanting to play with the buckles

Lil Miss Serious

House Updates

We've finally made some progress on the house!! WOOOOO I've got some before and after pics of the computer/office room switched to Master....

Unfortunately wasn't smart enough to get pics before we started working so this is it in progress with 2 of the shelves ripped out and the remodeling chaos


Not much cleaner but you can see the changes. We only kept one of the shelves in here-2 will be put in Bella's big girl room and one in Hunter's room

You can see Mr. Leach on the bed-my HUGE pregnancy body pillow that Ben just adores:)

Gonna get some sort of window treatments-we ripped down the nasty 80s panel blinds

Stuff for Bella's walls

Headboard of her big girl sleigh bed


Start of the painting. She'll be able to use that desk for homework/art, etc., and then eventually we will put up a mirror and she can use it as a vanity

Her bed that I LOOOOOOOOVE-THANK YOU NANA!!!! Eventually there will be a rail on each side

Since these pictures, Ben has repainted the top half with an off-white and we've started hanging the border

One of many piles of clothes, burp cloths and blankets in Hunter's closet

These are just the 0-3 month stuff!!!! LOL

I'd say he is off to a good start:)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Seriously all I can do now is laugh-I was SOOOOO miserable in my 3rd trimester with Bella and you can tell from these pics! Please dear Lord do not let Hunter be a repeat of his big sister as far as how HUGE I got!!! Granted, right now at 21 wks I am 2lbs lighter than when I was only 6wks pregnant with Bella. Here's to hoping!! Don't laugh too hard, k?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Newest shots of Hunter Man

Soooo in love with our lil boy!!! Bella got to go to this one with us and she really liked seeing the baby on the big TV-then she got bored and wanted to play with all the machines:)

Sweet lil man is measuring 2 days ahead

Still a boy!!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Big Sissy Getting Ready

I took some horrid 20 wk shots tonight that I will spare you-I'll take some better ones tomorrow after church:) In the meantime I shall entertain you with pictures of the Big Sister in action!!! I was calling her "Lil Mama" but decided I should switch to "Big Sister" so she can get more use to the idea. She is definitely understanding that there is really a baby inside Mama-she even put her play cell phone on my belly and said, "HIIIII BABY!!!!" She loves to kiss my belly and talk to the baby-I love it!! Not sure she is quite grasping the idea that the baby IS going to come out and will be here to stay in HER little world:)

She got to buy a new baby doll today complete with a stroller. She insists we turn the kitchen light on so she can take the baby for walking laps LOL She is really good about holding the baby properly and feeding it

PROUD Big Sissy cheesin:)

Awwww sweet Bella loves

MYYYYY new toy that I LOOOOOOOOOOVE!!! Its a Sit N Stand double stroller and it ROCKS! You can actually manuever the seats where they older child and baby are facing each other, both facing front, both facing back, and the older child seat can be moved so that the older child can have a platform sit or even stand up. Its really awesome and Bella LOVES it!!! We are gonna take it to B&N on Monday with her baby in the front so everyone at Playgroup can laugh at us:) Whoever thought I would get so dang excited about a flippin stroller LOL

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Appt Update

Had my follow-up appt with the OB yesterday and everything looks great! I have now gained a total of 7lbs-YAY!!! Glad to finally have gained some and kept it on-soooooo completely different from Bella. Hunter is VERY active-I LOVE it!!! Though having your organs tickled while you are attempting to fall asleep during pregnancy insomnia is quite the feat. But with last week's scare, I will gladly take all the kicking he wants to give me:) I know I'll be crying like a baby once he gets bigger and is kicking really hard in a few months. Its my favorite part of pregnancy because I'm able to physically share it with Ben.

Around the clock hunger has kicked in. I'm hungry when I fall asleep, I'm hungry in the middle of the night, I'm hungry when I wake up, I'm hungry an hour after I eat! I'm taking it as a sign that lil man is going thru his biggest growth spurt so I'm gonna appease him and fatten his lil tush up:) Along with it comes the lovely sidekick-heartburn. So Tums have become my new favorite candy and I'm sure Maalox is in my near future since Tums didn't even touch it towards the end with Bella.

We have our 20 wk ultrasound next week. Not as big of a deal since we already know we are having a boy but at least we get to see him again and should get some great take home shots to share:) I'm officially on the OR schedule for CSection and tubal ligation for December 17th. I confirmed with my OB that if my water breaks prior to that she WILL be the one to perform the CSection-not just whatever random doctor is in the building. I was also happy to find out that she can do my tubes at the same time. The girl I exchanged clothes with this weekend said that they now require you to wait until 6wks after birth to do it and that they completely kill your tubes. Thank goodness thats not the way Dr. Ford operates:) No point in paying for/going thru anesthesia twice, and I'll already be open on the table. Plus I do not want my tubes completely killed. I do want it to be reversible. We are completely positive we want to have ONLY two children but after my friend losing her baby to SIDS and her tubes are already gone, I want them to still be there *just in case*. Although another part of me is thinking that if something were ever to happen to my baby-it would be God's will and if my tubes were tied I would take it as a sign that if we did want another baby, it was God's will for us to adopt. Hopefully we will not ever have to cross that bridge!!! My doctor did say she will ask me if I'm sure its what I want at every single appt and right before she does it-I'm 100% sure she'll hear the same answer each time but I am glad she checks because I know some people aren't always confident about the decision.

I'll update with 20 wk status tomorrow:)