Sunday, August 24, 2008

House Updates

We've finally made some progress on the house!! WOOOOO I've got some before and after pics of the computer/office room switched to Master....

Unfortunately wasn't smart enough to get pics before we started working so this is it in progress with 2 of the shelves ripped out and the remodeling chaos


Not much cleaner but you can see the changes. We only kept one of the shelves in here-2 will be put in Bella's big girl room and one in Hunter's room

You can see Mr. Leach on the bed-my HUGE pregnancy body pillow that Ben just adores:)

Gonna get some sort of window treatments-we ripped down the nasty 80s panel blinds

Stuff for Bella's walls

Headboard of her big girl sleigh bed


Start of the painting. She'll be able to use that desk for homework/art, etc., and then eventually we will put up a mirror and she can use it as a vanity

Her bed that I LOOOOOOOOVE-THANK YOU NANA!!!! Eventually there will be a rail on each side

Since these pictures, Ben has repainted the top half with an off-white and we've started hanging the border

One of many piles of clothes, burp cloths and blankets in Hunter's closet

These are just the 0-3 month stuff!!!! LOL

I'd say he is off to a good start:)

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