Saturday, August 9, 2008

Big Sissy Getting Ready

I took some horrid 20 wk shots tonight that I will spare you-I'll take some better ones tomorrow after church:) In the meantime I shall entertain you with pictures of the Big Sister in action!!! I was calling her "Lil Mama" but decided I should switch to "Big Sister" so she can get more use to the idea. She is definitely understanding that there is really a baby inside Mama-she even put her play cell phone on my belly and said, "HIIIII BABY!!!!" She loves to kiss my belly and talk to the baby-I love it!! Not sure she is quite grasping the idea that the baby IS going to come out and will be here to stay in HER little world:)

She got to buy a new baby doll today complete with a stroller. She insists we turn the kitchen light on so she can take the baby for walking laps LOL She is really good about holding the baby properly and feeding it

PROUD Big Sissy cheesin:)

Awwww sweet Bella loves

MYYYYY new toy that I LOOOOOOOOOOVE!!! Its a Sit N Stand double stroller and it ROCKS! You can actually manuever the seats where they older child and baby are facing each other, both facing front, both facing back, and the older child seat can be moved so that the older child can have a platform sit or even stand up. Its really awesome and Bella LOVES it!!! We are gonna take it to B&N on Monday with her baby in the front so everyone at Playgroup can laugh at us:) Whoever thought I would get so dang excited about a flippin stroller LOL

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