Thursday, June 21, 2007

Silly Billy Bella Bean

Playing Peek-a-Boo with Mama

Destroying a granola bar

And the aftermath-she created this lovely hairdo all by herself:)

She definitely has the "I'm-an-innocent-angel" look down pat

Playing on her new car-sorry so blurry:(


Ahhhh poo on that, I'll just jump over the side of the couch and get ya!!!

Happy First Day of Summer-pics to come soon!

I promise to add some super summer pics of Bella SOON!!!! In the meantime, we have started a countdown for the month of June to be over! 10 more days:) Bella is going through a funky stage-seems to be the norm for kiddos in this age group (as I've found on my online mama's board and from our neighbor with a chica 10 days younger than Bella). She doesn't want to eat, she loves to eat one thing one day and hates it the next, doesn't want to sleep (this from lil miss who started sleeping through the night at 3 months with a normal 12 hours each night), and is just all over the dang place LOL So we are making frequent trips to the pool in the afternoons to wear her out-it worked Tuesday, she devoured dinner and slept all night!!! So we'll be at it again today and I promise to take the camera this time:)

Yesterday we went to play with our friend Jessica and her two boys, Logen and Parker. Logen is almost 4 and Parker is 6 months. Bella had a BLAST playing with Logen-she loves watching older kids zoom all around. They had fun playing with his big trucks, so I had to pull out her Herbie car when she got up this morning and she hasn't stopped playing with it!!!

Bella has started pointing at EVERYTHING! She loves to point and then looks at you and wants you to say what it is she is pointing at. She also loves to wave at everyone. When we go out to eat, everyone loves to stop and say hi to her and she doesn't stop waving until they are out of her sight:) She now speaks her own dialect of gibberish-it is really hilarious because the way she "talks" and looks at you-you can tell she really knows what she is saying. She loves to say "hi", scream "hey" when someone is not paying attention to her (LOVES to do this at Mema's when she thinks people should all be looking at her LOL), and blow zerberts.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

New Pictures

Thought I'd share some pictures we took this weekend since I haven't updated any new ones lately. It is REALLY hard to take good pics of Bean lately because she is sooooo busy and all over the place!!!

Yes, her hair is getting redder but there is actually some blonde to the newest top layer. Her Daddy says its strawberry blonde:) She loves to play in her stroller or walker outside while Mama and Daddy do yard work.

Front yard with petunia basket on the tree stump. Hostas are blooming in the background. A couple of Springs from now, the trees will have flower beds around each with a center flowerbed where the bird feeder will sit (stump will magically disappear). Hoping to build up the flower beds along the front of the house, as well.

Rose bushes by the mailbox-looking a little sad after a few nights of hard rain but VERY glad that they are even blooming after the late frost we had this year. Now we just wait and see if the apple tree will bloom:(

My supervisor:) She does a fabulous job!

Being a silly goober!!!!

Her newest "trick"-when we are feeding her if she wants something different, she throws her arms up in the air, slams them on her chest and then folds them like this. Usually her face is covered in food and she gives us this "And who exactly do you think YOU are?" look that is too adorable, but this is all I could get with the camera before she forgot she was mad and started cheesing:)

Hope everyone has a great week!!! We are expecting (*hoping*) to see a few new teeth when Bella wakes up in the morning. She was in ALOT of pain this evening and hasn't been her Bella Bean self for the past week battling teething, so we are really hoping it is coming to a close VERRRRRY soon, for all of our sakes!



Saturday, June 2, 2007

You're Invited!!!

Invites will be snail-mailed out in a couple of weeks, but thought I'd give the out-of-towners a heads up:)

Now.... for the fun stuff!!!!

Bella Bean's Bday Wish List

And YES, Bella IS picky and wants these SPECIFIC things (not look alikes, unless specified) because Daddy's lab has laid down the law and said they are SAFE!!!

If you are boring and think for some insane reason that this child needs more clothes, PLEASE do not buy size 12 months or it will be donated because she has no more room! She will gladly show off any size 18-24 months clothes (late summer/fall/winter) that she gets:) She proudly wears a size 2 shoe but will quickly out grow them by mid-summer.

Hide N Seek Tunnel

Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table

Baby Einstein DVDs
(DVDs shown are the ones that the beautiful brat does not already have in her collection)

Robeez Shoes

Don't have to be the brand name. Bella will gladly dance around in knock-offs:)

If you dare to spend the full price on a brand-name pair of Robeez, I promise we WILL point and laugh at you!

Fun, educational wooden toys

Play phone

(Bella REALLY wants to leave Mama's cell phone alone!)

Outdoor Swing

(Bella will take it back if it does not have a 5-point harness!)

Lullaby GloWorm

(Because every lil girl needs one)

Chicco Bi-Lingual Talking Farm

Frog Pod

(Bella seems to have a rubber ducky addiction and has acquired quite the collection. Now they need a "house" of their own. THIS specific item has been tested SAFE!)