Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Update

Both kiddos slept ALL night!!!! We were all able to get MUCH needed sleep:) I gave them both huge kisses for that when they woke up! Of course, that meant their congestion had that much more time to settle over night so they both got breathing treatments this morning. Hunter is doing better-still a sick lil boy but each day is better. Bella still has her cough but acts like she is feeling better.

It is BEAUTIFUL here today so I'm planning on taking them for a walk in the limo stroller after I pick Bella up from school. The cats are enjoying being out on the deck sunning, and I LOVED driving in the van with the windows down (and YES the very rear windows vented LOL).

Thank you for the prayers and emails!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Afternoon Update

Well we are still at home:) I'm seeing a little bit of improvement in Hunter. He is actually waking up to eat and has been able to eat alot more. He is being a champ with the Pedialyte!! His cough is still ucky but its sounding better than it was yesterday. He still has alot of nasal congestion but the nasal drops seem to be helping some. His appetite is definitely back!! He is alot more alert today than he was yesterday and more responsive-throwing me tons of smiles:) His color is MUCH better today also. We're heading in the right direction even if its slow.

Thanks for the prayers and all the emails!!!

Infirmary Update

Hunter and Bella were both seen by the doctor on Friday and determined they had ear infections. They both got 10x worse over the weekend with Bella sounding almost croupy and Hunter had TONS of congestion and a horrible cough. He has been sleeping ALOT-barely waking to eat, which scared me so we went BACK to the doctor yesterday afternoon. He has the same virus that causes RSV. The doctor said he is actually worse than an RSV case right now but isn't testing positive for it. He said if we were first time parents he would have admitted Hunter to the hospital yesterday. Luckily my asthma plays a positive role in the fact that we have a nebulizer at home so we can do breathing treatments here and had to promise that we would take him straight to the ER if he did anything "funny" or wasn't breathing right. The doctor is worried that its trying to turn into pneumonia.

So we have to do breathing treatments for Hunter every 4 hours (Bella as needed), can eat Pedialyte and breastmilk only (he does NOT like this because the boy LOVES to eat and we've had to nurse AND give formula to make his tummy full enough for him to be satisfied BUT the formula is so much thicker than breastmilk that it just makes the mucus worse), and I have to call the doctor 3 times today to provide updates. If he stays the same or gets worse, they will be admitting him today.

Hunter slept all night, had to wake him up to eat and he slept thru his breathing treatments-anyone thats ever used a nebulizer knows that it mimics the sound of a LOUD tornado. I'm praying that all this sleeping is his body healing-he still flashes me his killer smile when he is awake!

Bella woke up at 11 last night screaming in pain-the ear that WAS clear yesterday afternoon was now infected and it was rupturing. She literally cried for 2 hours and was just writhing in pain. She'd let me hold her for a few minutes and then slide off the bed and curl up on the floor and just roll around. It was a rough night but she was MUCH better when she woke up this morning. She still has her cough and Walgreens had to order her RX cough medicine so she'll be coughing til she gets that this afternoon.

Requesting all the obvious prayers for healing and comfort for both the kiddos!! Hunter is, SURPRISE, sleeping so I'm gonna go lay down-my nerves are shot.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


We've survived another month:) Hunter had his 2 month appt today and the boy has GROWN!!!

Weight: 11lbs 6oz (gained exactly 4lbs since birth)- 50th percentile
Height: 22inches (3inches since birth)- 20th percentile
Head: 16 1/2 inches- 90th percentile

The boy has a BIG head!!! Everything looked great and he survived his shots:(

Part of the reason his nickname is "Chubs" LOL

I was trying to take pictures of Bella's haircut LOL she attacked me with her spoon

HAD to take a picture-RARE moment that her hair was actually fixed

Ignore the freaky red eyes-took these before I fixed the camera
Check out the tummy:)

Sweet boy chilling in his papasan

Love that lil mouth!!!

He is seriously the sweetest baby ever!!!

Yep, definitely a boy LOL

I think I'm gonna have a problem saying "no" to that face

Lil smirk

Talking to Mama

Bad red eyes but he is sooo cute

My beautiful princess

The boys playing Madden

This is what happens when Bella gets a hold of the camera- loverly self-portraits

Her eye LOL

Monday, February 2, 2009

Family Portrait Help

Ok I need HELP!!! I'm not creative at all when it comes to this stuff. We are getting more pictures done by Laurie Glenn ( - she did the pictures of Bella and us in the Fall.

This time she is gonna come out to the house and do studio type pics (check out the ones she did of my friend Julia's kiddos-the ones with black background-turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!). Sooooo I need help coming up with a look. We're mainly gonna do pics of Bella & Hunter but I want some of us too (Ben & I, Ben & kids, me & kids, and whole fam).

So, here are some of my ideas (definitely want SOME with a tutu and then some just normal):
  1. Pink Chica/Blue Boy~ Semi-copy cat off Julia. Get a pink tutu for Bella from my chica Cheli ( (jeez I'm surrounded by insanely talented people!!!). And have Hunter wear blue.
  2. Go Hawgs~ Get a black, white, and burgandy tutu for Bella, and Razorback jersey for Mr. Man.
  3. Spring Pretties~ Tutu for Bella in spring colors with either solid color shirt and jeans or tights, spring color polo and jeans for Hunter

k so either email me or leave a comment here with your vote or an idea of your own:) Muchas gracias!!!!

New Pics

Sorry I haven't updated in FOREVER!!! So is the life of a mama of a newborn and toddler:) Not to mention an ice storm last week that left us stuck inside for 4 days straight AND my laptop crashed LOL Yep it was a FUN one! So you get to enjoy some loverly crazy pics of us from when we were stuck inside....

LOVE that they actually "play" together now:)

Stuck inside with him for a week and she learns to not beat him anymore LOL

Sweet chubs

He has the most beautiful big blue eyes

See how long he is getting?!?!

He was watching cartoons with Bella

Yep-this was towards the end of the week when we were getting real looney

HA thats the face she makes when she KNOWS she did something wrong but thinks its hilarious-someone needs to tell her its NOT suppose to be fun to get in trouble (you'd think she was my kid or something LOL)


Goofy chica

Got a visit from Aunt June (gotta love Bella's "pearls" and pom pom)

She is ready for the Derby!

Daddy's Silly Bean

Already practicing rolling her eyes at Mama-she was playing dress up

Playing with her princess clothes from Nana's trunk

Our woods

Ice on the deck

Front yard-looks like snow but that is all ice

Ben's crater from where he tried to get his car out

The huge limb that bounced off the gutter and rolled down the flag pole