Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Infirmary Update

Hunter and Bella were both seen by the doctor on Friday and determined they had ear infections. They both got 10x worse over the weekend with Bella sounding almost croupy and Hunter had TONS of congestion and a horrible cough. He has been sleeping ALOT-barely waking to eat, which scared me so we went BACK to the doctor yesterday afternoon. He has the same virus that causes RSV. The doctor said he is actually worse than an RSV case right now but isn't testing positive for it. He said if we were first time parents he would have admitted Hunter to the hospital yesterday. Luckily my asthma plays a positive role in the fact that we have a nebulizer at home so we can do breathing treatments here and had to promise that we would take him straight to the ER if he did anything "funny" or wasn't breathing right. The doctor is worried that its trying to turn into pneumonia.

So we have to do breathing treatments for Hunter every 4 hours (Bella as needed), can eat Pedialyte and breastmilk only (he does NOT like this because the boy LOVES to eat and we've had to nurse AND give formula to make his tummy full enough for him to be satisfied BUT the formula is so much thicker than breastmilk that it just makes the mucus worse), and I have to call the doctor 3 times today to provide updates. If he stays the same or gets worse, they will be admitting him today.

Hunter slept all night, had to wake him up to eat and he slept thru his breathing treatments-anyone thats ever used a nebulizer knows that it mimics the sound of a LOUD tornado. I'm praying that all this sleeping is his body healing-he still flashes me his killer smile when he is awake!

Bella woke up at 11 last night screaming in pain-the ear that WAS clear yesterday afternoon was now infected and it was rupturing. She literally cried for 2 hours and was just writhing in pain. She'd let me hold her for a few minutes and then slide off the bed and curl up on the floor and just roll around. It was a rough night but she was MUCH better when she woke up this morning. She still has her cough and Walgreens had to order her RX cough medicine so she'll be coughing til she gets that this afternoon.

Requesting all the obvious prayers for healing and comfort for both the kiddos!! Hunter is, SURPRISE, sleeping so I'm gonna go lay down-my nerves are shot.

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