Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Baby Pictures

Definitely not the milkman's baby:)





Uncle Popeye


Friday, September 14, 2007

Giggle Monster

Bella has started this ADORABLE thing where she flings her head back when she laughs-we caught a little bit of it on camera. Excuse all the toys all over the floor-it was before nighttime cleanup:)

Bella & Family


Bella & Pop-she was being a silly billy and snuggling on his chest and giggling. We are in TROUBLE-she KNOWS she is cute LOL:)

Daddy got Bella dressed and surprised me with her snazzy halter dress-it was SOOOOOO adorable and all big girly

Being a silly ham playing with Aunt June and her sparkly necklace

Bella got a hold of the bucket we collect our vine corks in, and decided to play catch with Daddy. Ben lined them all up on the table.

Bella being a silly billy with Mema

Benton County Fair

Bella and I went to the Benton County Fair today and had a BLAST!!!! The only ride she was big enough for was the carousel and I was busy holding her so I didn't get any pics of that. But I did get some of her with the animals. She LOVED it!!

Playing with the piglet and calves. Excuse the runny nose-poor baby FINALLY broke some teeth through:)
Not sure what to think about the lil chicks (I had carried her into the petting zoo area thinking she'd just wanna chill with mama and look at the animals. Lil stinker jumped out of my arms and nearly ran over to the chicks LOL)
MAMAAAAAAA!!!! I want THAT one!!!! It was so cute-there were a bunch of older kids (kindergarten/1st grade) and Bella kept pointing and screaming at this one lil chick, so 2 of the older girls were chasing the chick around trying to catch it for Bella. Lil kids are so awesome!

This sweet 4H girl was letting all the stroller babes pet the calf-Bella LOVED it!!! She threw a fit when she couldn't pet Dahlia anymore:(

Silly goat trying to jump the fence and give Bean a smooch:)

We might be taking her back on Sunday (gotta make sure the Fair will still be open) and I'll try to get some more pics of her snuggling with the chicks and riding the carousel:)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We're gonna be PIRATES!!!!

Bella will be dressing in the first costume since its available at WalMart (she has a costume party on Oct. 25 so I promise to have pics by then, but we'll probably play dress up WAAAAY before that LOL)

k, I've made an executive decision (we'll see what the mister thinks when he gets home LOL)-we're gonna be a Pirate Family:) The lil chica pirate costume is too cute to pass up PLUS it is something we can all dress up as and make it fun.

Not sure which I'm gonna get yet but here are some ideas:

YAAAAAY I'm excited for Halloweeeeeeen!

Vote for Bella's Halloween Costume

Bella was originally going to be a Razorbacks Cheerleader for Halloween but the costume I bought her (18 mos) is already in the "fitting just right" stage so it will most likely be too small by Halloween-so she can just wear it for gamedays:) We are going to be in Alabama on Halloween so it needs to be something she won't get too hot in. Her Daddy says no to pumpkin and bumble bee costumes. She was a pumpkin last year-for about 30 minutes before she spit up on her costume (I have this weird thing where I think EVERY child should be a pumpkin for Halloween at least once-Ben doesn't get it), and I'm not sure what the deal with bumble bees are.
So those are the only rules. I've narrowed it down to the ones below. Please vote by creating a comment to this post. I need to buy it early since we won't be here for Halloween. THANKS:) "Fairy Dust" (my fav!!!!)

"Good Witch"

"Pirate Princess"

"Plum Fairy"

"Sky Fairy"

"Strawberry Fairy"

"Tulip Fairy"