Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Vote for Bella's Halloween Costume

Bella was originally going to be a Razorbacks Cheerleader for Halloween but the costume I bought her (18 mos) is already in the "fitting just right" stage so it will most likely be too small by Halloween-so she can just wear it for gamedays:) We are going to be in Alabama on Halloween so it needs to be something she won't get too hot in. Her Daddy says no to pumpkin and bumble bee costumes. She was a pumpkin last year-for about 30 minutes before she spit up on her costume (I have this weird thing where I think EVERY child should be a pumpkin for Halloween at least once-Ben doesn't get it), and I'm not sure what the deal with bumble bees are.
So those are the only rules. I've narrowed it down to the ones below. Please vote by creating a comment to this post. I need to buy it early since we won't be here for Halloween. THANKS:) "Fairy Dust" (my fav!!!!)

"Good Witch"

"Pirate Princess"

"Plum Fairy"

"Sky Fairy"

"Strawberry Fairy"

"Tulip Fairy"


  1. Good witch is my first choice, your fav is my 2nd choice.


  2. I'm going for your first pick -- soooo cute, but a close second is the "Pirate Princess!" So cool, and I can totally see her w/ the little bandana on! LOL Your deal about the pumpkins?? I have the same idea about a "pirate at least once." :) The other costumes look a little heavier, like they have more material, and thus, a little hotter.

  3. I vote for pirate princess - her personality - a little princess with the pirate attack lurking in the background!!
    Love ya - Nana

  4. not the good witch dont listen to my mother. i love the one you picked out it is definetly pickle material. but where are the pickle costumes? so the fairy dust orrrrrr..... the m princess.. cuz purple rules.. so i am gonna comment again cuz i forgot some of the names. sorry. miss you so much.
    love you lots.
    lil pickle!!