Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We're gonna be PIRATES!!!!

Bella will be dressing in the first costume since its available at WalMart (she has a costume party on Oct. 25 so I promise to have pics by then, but we'll probably play dress up WAAAAY before that LOL)

k, I've made an executive decision (we'll see what the mister thinks when he gets home LOL)-we're gonna be a Pirate Family:) The lil chica pirate costume is too cute to pass up PLUS it is something we can all dress up as and make it fun.

Not sure which I'm gonna get yet but here are some ideas:

YAAAAAY I'm excited for Halloweeeeeeen!


  1. Ok, know you didn't ask for comments, but like the first one better than the 2nd one.


  2. i love the fairy dust. your child is a pickle she has to look cute not scary pirate..
    i love you lots.