Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Love

Tons of random pics:)

Cheesy burrito

Love my silly monkeys

Daddy said it was too hot to play outside LOL Lil water buddies

My new absolutely fav pic

She made Daddy hold her hand everytime she ran thru the sprinkler

They had SOOOO much fun-she was giggling and squealing:)

Taking a break

This is the random silliness that goes on in our house on a daily basis-goober put a diaper on her head LOL LOVE the NY shirt from Uncle Buddah

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

Fine then, just don't even look at me!!! LOL

I love you!!!!

Pretty lil lady showing her chompers

Sweet girl

Loving her Dora sheets from Aunt June & Uncle Rudolph

Just like Mama-she LOVES the Leach pillow:)

Last year's late frost caused us to have TWO apples. Which in turn made our crop double this year and just got too heavy for the tree:(

HUGE branch laying on top of Bella's toys. We ended up having to take down 90% of the branches so we probably won't have apples again for quite a while. We got PLENTY this year-I was able to get 4 huge cans and about 10 ice trays full of applesauce for Bella & Hunter

19 Weeks~ ALMOST halfway!!!

It has thankfully been a MUCH quieter week so far:) Hunter is moving like crazy-definitely moves alot right before meal time and ALOT at night. Lil party animal!!! I can't believe we are almost halfway there-may actually be halfway there depending on when Mr. Man shows up:) I got SUPER lucky and found a lady on Craigslist that is having a baby girl next week and had two baby boys in the wintertime sooooo we are gonna swap clothes-Bella's baby clothes (perfect for her having a girl in the summer like Bella was) for her boy baby clothes (perfect for us having a boy in the winter)! Doesn't get much better than that! I'm still going to save Bella's really nice stuff to put in the Rhea Lana's Consignment sale in September.

To your dismay, you may find that heartburn is more likely to occur as your uterus pushes up against your stomach. Because the movement of food through the digestive tract has slowed, nutrients reach the fetus more efficiently -- generally within one or two hours after meals. Hang in there. When your baby "drops," (first-time moms only), usually in the final month of pregnancy, there will be considerably less pressure on your stomach. Eating several smaller meals throughout the day can work well if you are troubled by heartburn. Try not to eat right before bed. Sleep with your upper body slightly elevated. Antacids that contain calcium will provide heartburn relief, as well as this essential nutrient. Be sure to check with your care provider before taking medications such as Pepcid AC or Zantac.

Yeah soooo red beans and rice for dinner tonight-NOT a good idea for a preggo with heartburn:)

At 15 centimeters crown to rump, and weighing eight ounces, your baby is getting big! This week, permanent teeth buds are forming behind the milk teeth buds. Organs of reproduction are developing rapidly, getting ready to sustain future generations. The uterus is clearly visible in the female and the testes are apparent in the male fetus. If your baby is positioned just right on an ultrasound scan, the tiny penis is easily identifiable. So, if you don't wish to know the gender of your baby, ask the technician to alert you before your baby's lower body comes into view.

19 weeks-excuse the no makeup and hair not fixed. No more wondering if I'm preggo!!!

See our pretty new paint???

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mama & Hunter Update-Longer & With Pics!!!!


Bella woke me up this morning with both her Bella dolls, running in circles, singing "Dora, Dora, Dora!!!!" I knew it was going to be a good day!!!

I started calling the OB at 8:15, and about every 30-45 minutes until they finally gave in at 10:30 and gave me an appt for 11:15!!! Yep, 45 minutes to get ready (i.e., unfunk the funky bedrest loveliness) and get my mom to my house from Rogers and back to Pinnacle-HA! I laughed at them and told them I'd be there as close to 11:15 as I could. We finally got to see the doctor a little after 12:30-they had to harass the ER to get the reports, which ended up being inconclusive-UGGGHHHH pregnant woman ready to wring necks!!!! They came back with three reports-one said no placenta previa, one said placental tissue on cervix, and one said complete placenta previa-three COMPLETELY different scenarios!!! Thankfully the OB said, "I'm thinking we need to trash this and do our own ultrasound that we can actually rely on."

Sooooo we got an ultrasound scheduled for 3:00, mom and I went to get lunch at Oseguara's (new one on Rainbow curve, food still great but service sucked compared to the one in Springdale). I got to see my Mr. Hunter again-and yes, he is still a MR:) The tech was able to determine that where the placenta ends and my cervix begins is an entire 5 cm!!!!!! NO frickin way possible that it could ever be medically determine placenta previa! Not even a low lying placenta!!!! I was pretty shocked but thrilled at the good news. Apparently I still have an irritable uterus which I had with Bella-so its medically proven I'm a cranky preggo LOL Hoping against the odds that this doesn't mean I'm in for the same fun ol 3rd trimester like I had with Bella-but at this point, I'm just glad Hunter is safe in there, is staying in there, has a beautiful heart beat, and I'm not bleeding!!!

The tech tried for a face shot but lil turkey curled up on her. He is quite the lil mover-always going and all over the place. I LOVE it cuz that is him telling me that he is just fine thank ya! I told her I was fine just hearing the heartbeat and knowing he is safe and sound.

Verdict: I'm OFF bedrest (HALLELUJAH!!!!), no pelvic activity (no sex, and no cervical exams), take it easy (no picking up Bella and no hard labor, no lifting), but otherwise I'm FREEEE!!! I can be outta that darn bed and play with my munchkin again!!! Its insane-we were under the same roof and she could come play on the bed but I missed her SOOOOOOO much-I seriously bawled half the time I was in bed from missing my baby girl. I just missed being able to play on the floor with her and dance and be silly and just be us! Glad to be human again and hope to stay that way for a LOOOOOONG time!!!!!

k and now for the pics, including proof of man parts as the tech called it LOL

Look at that arm-that is what my insides get punched with!!!! Nice lil skeleton smile going on too:)

Man parts!!!!!!

Looooong legs-gonna be tall like his daddy and big sissy!

Strong spine-love them bones!!!

Crabby pregnant lady trapped in bed

Yep thats me:) Its 1030-stupid OB office was suppose to call "first thing" this morning to schedule my appt. I'm now officially that annoying patient that calls every 30 minutes-but dangit I'm bleeding, my daughter is probably going insane being bored, I need to let my mom know when to take off work to take me to the doctor and dangit if I can be off bedrest then I don't wanna be laying here one second longer than I have to-oh and I'm cramping and exhausted!!!! BUT Hunter is kicking so thats great:)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tomorrow is the verdict

And that phone call telling me when to come in cannot come soon enough!! I'm adjusting to the bedrest. I've found I can make quick stops to lay on the couch when I take bathroom breaks-I can lay there and watch Bella play or snuggle with her. Its weird to miss someone so much when they are just in the other room, but I can't pick her up and she can't climb all over me like she is use to-but we are adjusting and she is doing good with it. She has her moments when she gets mad at me when I can't get out of bed and chase her:(

Ben and I are gonna sit down and go thru the various scenarios (total bed rest, partial bed rest, limited activities, etc.) and figure out our gameplan for each. MIL is spending the night tonight so Ben can go to work in the morning and she'll take care of Bella. My grpa is going to take me to the OB and then we'll go from there.

My cramping has definitely been present today. I took a shower and it about wiped me out. If I sit up for too long, it hurts!!!! Hunter is moving like crazy still and Ben was able to feel him kick:) He loves to kick his big sister when she snuggles with us:)

Off to finish my ice cream (yes vanilla with rainbow sprinkles!)

Promise to update tomorrow after the OB

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Scary Friday & Bedrest-Slightly graphic

Yesterday was quite exhausting!!! The morning went good-Bella and I went to the mom's group yard sale for a couple of hours and then headed to her 2 yr old well check. We had lunch with Nana and then headed home. I put her down for her nap and then went to the bathroom real quick before getting started on work. I wiped and there was bright red blood-LOTS of it. I thought maybe hemorrhoids (sorry, its a reality of pregnancy) but realized that it was much more than that, especially after I looked in the toilet. I filled a pad in about 5 minutes.

I called my mom and she was out the door in 2 seconds. Called my OB, bawling, gasping and barely able to talk-go to the ER. Called Ben and told him to meet us at the hospital-I was crying so hard I couldn't even tell him what was wrong, just that it was me and not Bella that was hurt. Then I finally got around to calling 911 and they sent the ambulance. The dispatcher was great and calmed me down alot. I was flipping out-my mom and grma had both lost their 2nd pregnancies and that has always been in the back of my mind. I couldn't lose this baby, I was already so in love.

The ambulance got here and the guys were really reassuring-I HAD felt the baby move that morning and the bleeding had stopped. I got Bella up from her nap and she got to ride on the stretcher with me. They had a carseat in the ambulance-she did soooo good!! She didn't make a peep the whole time-probably half awake wondering what the heck was going on, but she made me so proud!! My BP and pulse started to normalize once I settled down.

We got to the ER and my mom took Bella. The ER nurse was awesome and whipped out the Doppler and let us hear the baby's HB right away-PHEW!! We were breathing again. I kept having to pee constantly and the cramps were hitting hard. I had lots of lower back pain. We were in ultrasound for almost an hour-found out we ARE having a Hunter!!! And he looked perfect-arms, legs, perfectly formed brain and heart. He likes to rub his head:) His heart was beating beautifully and he was moving like crazy!

Good news-Hunter is fine, the cord is perfect, my cervix is closed and long, and the placenta is still attached. Bad news-placenta previa. I had it with Bella, they found it on the 20 wk ultrasound with her and it corrected itself. I never had any bleeding with it with Bella. The placenta is WAAY lower than it should be and is rubbing against my cervix which causes the bleeding and cramping. I'm on total bedrest until Monday when I see the OB-I got Ben to move my laptop to the bed cuz I was going crazy being bored!

So now we just hope that the Placenta Previa corrects itself, no more bleeding, the placenta stays attached and intact, and Hunter continues to do perfect:) He is growing right on target and looks so beautiful!!!! Bedrest sucks but I will do whatever it takes to keep him healthy and safe. Bella is handling it all so great. She tries to drag me out of bed every once in a while but I just tell her that Mama's belly has an owwie so I have to stay night night. She came and snuggled and watched cartoons with me-Hunter kicked her a few times:) This afternoon she brought her Dora picnic in here and we made "tatos" (tacos). So we are just trying to make it fun and let her be in here as much as possible. Anytime I get up to go to the bathroom, she runs up and hugs my legs. We had a pizza picnic in bed for dinner-she really liked that. I love her so much-she makes me so proud!!!

Poor Ben had a yukky tummy all day and had to keep up with everything at the same time. He is doing a little better. I hope for all of our sakes that the bedrest doesn't last long. If it does, we'll just have to find new routines.

Thanks for all the prayers!!!! Hopefully I will have good news to report on Monday:)

2 Year Old Stats

Bella had her 2 yr old well check yesterday (before the ER fiasco). She is 27lbs (55th percentile) and 34 inches (70th percentile). So if we go by the wives tale calculations of doubling height at 2 yrs-she'll be 5'8 fully grown!!! Child is gonna be a giant towering over Mama!!! She did awesome for all the developmental tests-had to point out animals, build a tower with blocks, feed a baby (her absolutely favorite game these days), and put toys back in a bag. Doc says she looks perfect!!! YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!

I'm so proud of my lil lady-she has weathered the chaos in our house with flying colors. I'll post more in Hunter's blog.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

18 weeks belly shots

I'm thinking that people PROBABLY aren't doing the whole "Pregnant or fat?" questions anymore:)

18 weeks

16 weeks

18 weeks (you can kinda see my bandaid where my skin is actually breaking open from stretching)

16 weeks

Monday, July 21, 2008


I *think* we *might* have come to an agreement on at least a first name-MAJOR progress!!! It cracks me up cuz last time we had Bella's name picked out at 6 weeks. Ok sooooo I had Bella's name picked out at 6 weeks and told Ben that was what we would name the baby if it was a girl:) He was convinced we were having a boy cuz NOOOOO one in HIS family has girls MUAHAHAHAHA For some insane reason, he now thinks that since I "picked" Bella's name that he gets to name this one. Soooo.........




We've agreed on (tentatively) on a first name of Hunter. Coincidentally it just happens to be the same exact name that I've ALWAYS wanted to name a boy for like my entire life MUAHAHAHAHA BUT he gets to pick the middle name (so what if I *help* ease that huge burden by planting some lovely ideas in his head LOL). I'll put a poll up so everyone can vote but what we've come up with so far:

Hunter Thomas (after Ben's Uncle Tommy)
Hunter Dalton (MYYYYYYY favorite-feel free to vote as many times as you like LOL)
Hunter Gavin (my 2nd fav)
Hunter Lukas
Hunter Logan

If you have other suggestions for middle names to go with Hunter, feel free to comment:)

18 weeks

WOOOHOOO:) Summer in the south has hit and although I'm sweating within seconds of being outside and its kicking my tail, I'm thankful that the really rough pregnancy months will be in the middle of winter this time!! Squirt is definitely moving alot more-just small thumps throughout the day. My belly is starting to get in the way-I bump into stuff alot. Bella LOVES to give the baby belly hugs, and anytime we talk about the baby she runs over and pulls my shirt up-yes, even when we are in public:)

You may be waiting anxiously for your baby's first movement, known as "quickening." You want to know that your baby, who's been quietly maneuvering around since seven weeks, is big enough and strong enough to send you a message. Many women find this barometer of their baby's well-being very reassuring. Typically, you will feel the first small rumblings of fetal movement between 18 and 22 weeks (or later, in some cases). If you have very strong abdominal muscles, you're very overweight or your fetus is "hiding," you may fall on the late end of the scale. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not feel fetal movement as early as you will in successive pregnancies. Most likely, though, junior will make his or her presence known within this next, exciting month. Early fetal movements may feel like soft tapping, or "butterflies," just above the pubic bone.

Your baby has grown to 14 centimeters crown to rump. Adding two ounces in just one week, your baby tips the scales at seven ounces. Baby's limbs are lengthening, and at last, body length is catching up to head size. Bones are still malleable but are beginning to ossify.

I KNEW Squirt was growing-I've been waking up at 3am STARVING!!! I most definitely have my appetite back:)

Bella's Bday Party

Bella's Sponge Bob Ice Cream 2nd Birthday Party!!!!

These are totally out of order....

The infamous "One Shoe Lou"

Opening presents

Playing bashful the night before her party

Exhausted lil lady getting some lovin from Pop

Hanging out in the heat with Mama

Digging in to the icing:)


Her new haircut that I loooooooove

Scrambling for some sprinkles off the table

Got a lil hot so she decided to strip

My two favoritestestest people

Outfit numero dos-running around like a lil boy

Mi familia (Papa, Mom/Nana, Mama & Bella, Pop, Uncle Popeye, Daddy, Grma) Photo by Uncle Buddah

Sucking on that lip!!!


Bella enjoying some sprinkles with Nana

Peeking in her castle

Bella's Guys making ice cream

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Oh my chica!! I cannot even begin to believe that you are TWO YEARS OLD!!! It seems like just yesterday I was feeling YOU kick in my stomach and run from the Doppler:) And then you were born-the greatest day of my life!! I never knew I could cry tears of joy so hard just upon meeting someone-you were absolutely beautiful and have been everything I could have ever dreamed of.

We have loved surviving your firsts. The first year was quite a trip for Mama and Daddy since you were our first and we were so scared! There were many times I wished there was a machine we could just plug you into and it would tell us what was wrong and how to fix it-but that doesn't make parents. YOU Madam have made us who we are today and we have loved every second of it. I'll never forget the first time you crawled-for Daddy of course. You didn't really practice much, you just did it-alot like everything else you conquer in life, you just go after it and kick some tail on the way!

Then came the second year and you walked-again, for Daddy:) We loved your little zombie wobble:) I love watching you grow into your own little person. You have the silliest sense of humor and you just think you are hilarious! You have a very physical sense of humor just like Daddy. I love watching the two of you run into walls and fall down giggling:) I love watching ya'll fall in love with each other over and over again-its truly beautiful and makes my heart bust at the seams. You have the sweetest little voice but a very powerful set of lungs LOL I love when you very sweetly say, "Mama??" and I reply back, "Bella?" and you just smile.

You change every single day. Whether its learning a new word and saying it a zillion times or starting a new silly that cracks us all up. I could literally just sit and watch you wander thru your day and love every minute of it-you amaze me. Daddy and I never knew we could love such a little person this much-but you have a HUGE personality and make every person you meet smile. You touch people in such a special way-you are already making a difference in people's lives. You have SOOOOO many awesome people that are totally in love with you-happens when you are the only grandbaby (trust me, I've been in your shoes-it rocks!).

I know you are going to be an amazing big sister. You are such a helper and love to do things for other people. You are VERY tidy to an extreme. I know you'll love your little brother or sister so much and they will be so lucky to have you in their life! I can't wait for the 2 of you to meet. You will always, forever and ever, be Mama's first baby!!!

I love you Bella Bean!! Thank you for the 2 greatest years of my life! You make being a Mama so much fun!!!


Great Appointment

I had a great appointment today and Anthony got to go with me and hear Squirt's heartbeat-VERY fast!!! Lil stinker is just like big sister and runs from the heartbeat wand:) VERY VERY VERY strong heartbeat-still one of my favorite sounds. Squirt has definitely been moving alot more just this week.

We will find out pink vs. blue on August 12th at 3:30. I think I'm going to invite my grpa to come with us since his bday is August 13th:) Along with Ben and Bella, of course!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Safari Fun

We went to the Wild Wilderness Animal Safari in Gentry last week and Bella had a BLAST!! Last time I took her she just kind of took everything in. This time she kept trying to get out of the car to see the animals and anytime she saw a new animal she would get excited and say, "HIIIII!!!!!" We spent alot of time in the petting area which she loved even more-especially the brand new baby tigers.

Bella & Daddy on a lion-as always, pointing "Take me THERE!!"

Feeding a baby pig

On a gorilla-yep still demanding LOL

BOPS!!! (Bella's combined word of bunny and hops)

Checking out the baby pig on a leash

Hi monkeys!!

And once again, pointing:)

Bella playing with the goats:)