Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Love

Tons of random pics:)

Cheesy burrito

Love my silly monkeys

Daddy said it was too hot to play outside LOL Lil water buddies

My new absolutely fav pic

She made Daddy hold her hand everytime she ran thru the sprinkler

They had SOOOO much fun-she was giggling and squealing:)

Taking a break

This is the random silliness that goes on in our house on a daily basis-goober put a diaper on her head LOL LOVE the NY shirt from Uncle Buddah

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

Fine then, just don't even look at me!!! LOL

I love you!!!!

Pretty lil lady showing her chompers

Sweet girl

Loving her Dora sheets from Aunt June & Uncle Rudolph

Just like Mama-she LOVES the Leach pillow:)

Last year's late frost caused us to have TWO apples. Which in turn made our crop double this year and just got too heavy for the tree:(

HUGE branch laying on top of Bella's toys. We ended up having to take down 90% of the branches so we probably won't have apples again for quite a while. We got PLENTY this year-I was able to get 4 huge cans and about 10 ice trays full of applesauce for Bella & Hunter

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