Monday, July 21, 2008

18 weeks

WOOOHOOO:) Summer in the south has hit and although I'm sweating within seconds of being outside and its kicking my tail, I'm thankful that the really rough pregnancy months will be in the middle of winter this time!! Squirt is definitely moving alot more-just small thumps throughout the day. My belly is starting to get in the way-I bump into stuff alot. Bella LOVES to give the baby belly hugs, and anytime we talk about the baby she runs over and pulls my shirt up-yes, even when we are in public:)

You may be waiting anxiously for your baby's first movement, known as "quickening." You want to know that your baby, who's been quietly maneuvering around since seven weeks, is big enough and strong enough to send you a message. Many women find this barometer of their baby's well-being very reassuring. Typically, you will feel the first small rumblings of fetal movement between 18 and 22 weeks (or later, in some cases). If you have very strong abdominal muscles, you're very overweight or your fetus is "hiding," you may fall on the late end of the scale. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not feel fetal movement as early as you will in successive pregnancies. Most likely, though, junior will make his or her presence known within this next, exciting month. Early fetal movements may feel like soft tapping, or "butterflies," just above the pubic bone.

Your baby has grown to 14 centimeters crown to rump. Adding two ounces in just one week, your baby tips the scales at seven ounces. Baby's limbs are lengthening, and at last, body length is catching up to head size. Bones are still malleable but are beginning to ossify.

I KNEW Squirt was growing-I've been waking up at 3am STARVING!!! I most definitely have my appetite back:)

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