Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tomorrow is the verdict

And that phone call telling me when to come in cannot come soon enough!! I'm adjusting to the bedrest. I've found I can make quick stops to lay on the couch when I take bathroom breaks-I can lay there and watch Bella play or snuggle with her. Its weird to miss someone so much when they are just in the other room, but I can't pick her up and she can't climb all over me like she is use to-but we are adjusting and she is doing good with it. She has her moments when she gets mad at me when I can't get out of bed and chase her:(

Ben and I are gonna sit down and go thru the various scenarios (total bed rest, partial bed rest, limited activities, etc.) and figure out our gameplan for each. MIL is spending the night tonight so Ben can go to work in the morning and she'll take care of Bella. My grpa is going to take me to the OB and then we'll go from there.

My cramping has definitely been present today. I took a shower and it about wiped me out. If I sit up for too long, it hurts!!!! Hunter is moving like crazy still and Ben was able to feel him kick:) He loves to kick his big sister when she snuggles with us:)

Off to finish my ice cream (yes vanilla with rainbow sprinkles!)

Promise to update tomorrow after the OB

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