Monday, July 28, 2008

Mama & Hunter Update-Longer & With Pics!!!!


Bella woke me up this morning with both her Bella dolls, running in circles, singing "Dora, Dora, Dora!!!!" I knew it was going to be a good day!!!

I started calling the OB at 8:15, and about every 30-45 minutes until they finally gave in at 10:30 and gave me an appt for 11:15!!! Yep, 45 minutes to get ready (i.e., unfunk the funky bedrest loveliness) and get my mom to my house from Rogers and back to Pinnacle-HA! I laughed at them and told them I'd be there as close to 11:15 as I could. We finally got to see the doctor a little after 12:30-they had to harass the ER to get the reports, which ended up being inconclusive-UGGGHHHH pregnant woman ready to wring necks!!!! They came back with three reports-one said no placenta previa, one said placental tissue on cervix, and one said complete placenta previa-three COMPLETELY different scenarios!!! Thankfully the OB said, "I'm thinking we need to trash this and do our own ultrasound that we can actually rely on."

Sooooo we got an ultrasound scheduled for 3:00, mom and I went to get lunch at Oseguara's (new one on Rainbow curve, food still great but service sucked compared to the one in Springdale). I got to see my Mr. Hunter again-and yes, he is still a MR:) The tech was able to determine that where the placenta ends and my cervix begins is an entire 5 cm!!!!!! NO frickin way possible that it could ever be medically determine placenta previa! Not even a low lying placenta!!!! I was pretty shocked but thrilled at the good news. Apparently I still have an irritable uterus which I had with Bella-so its medically proven I'm a cranky preggo LOL Hoping against the odds that this doesn't mean I'm in for the same fun ol 3rd trimester like I had with Bella-but at this point, I'm just glad Hunter is safe in there, is staying in there, has a beautiful heart beat, and I'm not bleeding!!!

The tech tried for a face shot but lil turkey curled up on her. He is quite the lil mover-always going and all over the place. I LOVE it cuz that is him telling me that he is just fine thank ya! I told her I was fine just hearing the heartbeat and knowing he is safe and sound.

Verdict: I'm OFF bedrest (HALLELUJAH!!!!), no pelvic activity (no sex, and no cervical exams), take it easy (no picking up Bella and no hard labor, no lifting), but otherwise I'm FREEEE!!! I can be outta that darn bed and play with my munchkin again!!! Its insane-we were under the same roof and she could come play on the bed but I missed her SOOOOOOO much-I seriously bawled half the time I was in bed from missing my baby girl. I just missed being able to play on the floor with her and dance and be silly and just be us! Glad to be human again and hope to stay that way for a LOOOOOONG time!!!!!

k and now for the pics, including proof of man parts as the tech called it LOL

Look at that arm-that is what my insides get punched with!!!! Nice lil skeleton smile going on too:)

Man parts!!!!!!

Looooong legs-gonna be tall like his daddy and big sissy!

Strong spine-love them bones!!!

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