Wednesday, July 9, 2008

16 weeks=4 Months WOOOO

I'm doing great and so is Squirt coming in on 16 weeks! I have my next OB appt on Monday and my LITTLE brother will get to come with me and hear the heartbeat!

16 weeks!!! Sorry for the shadow and different pic look-we used a different camera cuz the other's batteries were dead. Love our painting tape? And my hair is in a ponytail-I'm not sporting a mullet!!! LOL

13 wks-yes its been a while since we did pics-SORRY!!!

16 week belly-actually gotten quite a bit bigger and firmer, more formed. Hard to tell because of the shadow

13wk cheese monkey


For some women, nasal congestion and nosebleeds are an annoying side effect of pregnancy. This is due to altered levels of hormones, which may cause the mucous membranes in your nose to swell. Increased blood volume and softening of the tissues also contributes to this. Unfortunately, it may continue throughout your pregnancy. A vitamin C deficiency may cause nosebleeds, so an increase in your consumption of vitamin-C-rich foods may help. Do not use nose drops, other than saline, unless recommended by your care provider.

DEFINITELY got that going on here!! I had it with Bella too and even went to my ENT because it was driving me nuts. She said, "I can tell you EXACTLY when this will end-2 seconds after you give birth." She was right!! It was freaky how much better I could breathe and wasn't stuffy immediately after Bella's birth.


Weighing in at all of three ounces, your little one is now 12 centimeters crown to rump. Baby's head is now held high, and limb movements occur in a coordinated fashion. The eyes have come closer together so that they face forward, and the baby begins to blink. Tiny toenails are beginning to form. On an ultrasound, you may catch sight of the sucking reflex as your baby sucks his or her thumb. And that's not all you may see: Gender is now recognizable, if you have an extroverted fetus!

WOW still so tiny- 3 ounces!!! Amazing how a 3 oz human can take up soooo much space!!! Wonder if I have a mega placenta like last time that weighed in at over 2 lbs just by itself! The OB said it was one of the healthiest he had ever seen tho:) We did get to see Squirt sucking on a thumb at the 13 wk ultrasound. Next one will be either Aug. 11 or Aug. 18. We've felt more movement this week-nothing real strong but Ben was even able to feel a bit of a flutter when he put his hand on my stomach last night. I LOVE this part-I'm actually looking pregnant instead of like I ate too much for lunch and starting to really feel the baby. Its going to be awesome finding out pink or blue next month!

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