Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Oh my chica!! I cannot even begin to believe that you are TWO YEARS OLD!!! It seems like just yesterday I was feeling YOU kick in my stomach and run from the Doppler:) And then you were born-the greatest day of my life!! I never knew I could cry tears of joy so hard just upon meeting someone-you were absolutely beautiful and have been everything I could have ever dreamed of.

We have loved surviving your firsts. The first year was quite a trip for Mama and Daddy since you were our first and we were so scared! There were many times I wished there was a machine we could just plug you into and it would tell us what was wrong and how to fix it-but that doesn't make parents. YOU Madam have made us who we are today and we have loved every second of it. I'll never forget the first time you crawled-for Daddy of course. You didn't really practice much, you just did it-alot like everything else you conquer in life, you just go after it and kick some tail on the way!

Then came the second year and you walked-again, for Daddy:) We loved your little zombie wobble:) I love watching you grow into your own little person. You have the silliest sense of humor and you just think you are hilarious! You have a very physical sense of humor just like Daddy. I love watching the two of you run into walls and fall down giggling:) I love watching ya'll fall in love with each other over and over again-its truly beautiful and makes my heart bust at the seams. You have the sweetest little voice but a very powerful set of lungs LOL I love when you very sweetly say, "Mama??" and I reply back, "Bella?" and you just smile.

You change every single day. Whether its learning a new word and saying it a zillion times or starting a new silly that cracks us all up. I could literally just sit and watch you wander thru your day and love every minute of it-you amaze me. Daddy and I never knew we could love such a little person this much-but you have a HUGE personality and make every person you meet smile. You touch people in such a special way-you are already making a difference in people's lives. You have SOOOOO many awesome people that are totally in love with you-happens when you are the only grandbaby (trust me, I've been in your shoes-it rocks!).

I know you are going to be an amazing big sister. You are such a helper and love to do things for other people. You are VERY tidy to an extreme. I know you'll love your little brother or sister so much and they will be so lucky to have you in their life! I can't wait for the 2 of you to meet. You will always, forever and ever, be Mama's first baby!!!

I love you Bella Bean!! Thank you for the 2 greatest years of my life! You make being a Mama so much fun!!!


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  1. Hi kids,

    I simply love the pictures you
    send. I can see that Isabella is
    really growing. I love her hair cut, also. Maybe when we come next
    time, we can see all three of you.

    Thanks for sending these beautiful pictures.

    Love you,
    Aunt June