Monday, July 21, 2008

Bella's Bday Party

Bella's Sponge Bob Ice Cream 2nd Birthday Party!!!!

These are totally out of order....

The infamous "One Shoe Lou"

Opening presents

Playing bashful the night before her party

Exhausted lil lady getting some lovin from Pop

Hanging out in the heat with Mama

Digging in to the icing:)


Her new haircut that I loooooooove

Scrambling for some sprinkles off the table

Got a lil hot so she decided to strip

My two favoritestestest people

Outfit numero dos-running around like a lil boy

Mi familia (Papa, Mom/Nana, Mama & Bella, Pop, Uncle Popeye, Daddy, Grma) Photo by Uncle Buddah

Sucking on that lip!!!


Bella enjoying some sprinkles with Nana

Peeking in her castle

Bella's Guys making ice cream

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