Tuesday, July 1, 2008

15 Weeks and feeling GREAT

When will you "show"? At 15 weeks of pregnancy your uterus is just popping up above the pubic bone. You are at a very in-between stage right now. You may not yet look pregnant to the world -- or you may have already popped out. There is a great variation in the time your pregnancy becomes visible. This usually occurs between 14 and 20 weeks. If this is your second or third pregnancy, you are probably "showing" sooner than a first-time mom because the muscles of your abdomen are a bit more lax, and the uterus tends to fall forward more easily because of the relaxation of the supporting ligaments.
WOOHOO good to hear!! Its weird because with Bella I showed VERY early and with this one I'm just now at the tail-end of the whole "Is she pregnant or just fat?" stage. I'm ready to pop!!! I love preggo belly:) So I'm the exception-showing later with a 2nd pregnancy, but finding that alot of the moms online are also having the same experience. I think maybe we are too busy with toddlers, running around and not consumed with eating for 2:)

Baby's skin is very thin, and blood vessels can be seen underneath. The skin is covered with a fine, fuzzy hair called lanugo, which will not fall out until your baby nears full-term. The heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood per day. This week marks a period of rapid growth, so get your rest!
Ya hear that??? I NEEEEED to rest:) So YES, I'll print this out and use it as evidence any dang time I wanna nap LOL
I PROMISE to post belly shots tonight!!! We had a crazy week last week tearing down shelves in the computer room. We only have one left to tear down. I've already got one completely sanded. Then we have to sand the walls (horrid painters before us left tons of drips), prep and then most likely paint on the Saturday that we leave for Eureka Springs so it can air out while we are gone. The room has already opened up alot-I HAVE to take some before and after shots.
Be sure to check out Bella's blog next week as we have TONS of stuff going on this week and lots of Kodak moments:) Friday we are going to the playgroup's potluck and then swimming. On Saturday we are going to the Wild Wilderness Drive Through Safari- sounds redneck but its super fun and Bella loves the petting areas. Sunday we are going to a Naturals game-Dora is gonna be there!!! We are getting lawn seats by the playground this time so Bella can run around and have fun. I'm already dreaming of my nachoes!
July is a SUPER busy month for us! The weekend of the 12th we are going to Eureka Springs to celebrate our anniversary (Bella will have a slumber party with Nana). The next day Anthony will get here. Then I get to take him to B&N with playgroup and then to my OB appt that afternoon and he'll get to hear the heartbeat. Then BELLA'S 2nd BIRTHDAY!!! And her party that weekend. The next weekend I'm going on a Mama Trip to Branson and Ben is doing a day hike with the Boy Scouts so Bella will get to have a Nana day.
done rattling, will post pics later

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