Thursday, July 10, 2008

Safari Fun

We went to the Wild Wilderness Animal Safari in Gentry last week and Bella had a BLAST!! Last time I took her she just kind of took everything in. This time she kept trying to get out of the car to see the animals and anytime she saw a new animal she would get excited and say, "HIIIII!!!!!" We spent alot of time in the petting area which she loved even more-especially the brand new baby tigers.

Bella & Daddy on a lion-as always, pointing "Take me THERE!!"

Feeding a baby pig

On a gorilla-yep still demanding LOL

BOPS!!! (Bella's combined word of bunny and hops)

Checking out the baby pig on a leash

Hi monkeys!!

And once again, pointing:)

Bella playing with the goats:)

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