Monday, February 2, 2009

New Pics

Sorry I haven't updated in FOREVER!!! So is the life of a mama of a newborn and toddler:) Not to mention an ice storm last week that left us stuck inside for 4 days straight AND my laptop crashed LOL Yep it was a FUN one! So you get to enjoy some loverly crazy pics of us from when we were stuck inside....

LOVE that they actually "play" together now:)

Stuck inside with him for a week and she learns to not beat him anymore LOL

Sweet chubs

He has the most beautiful big blue eyes

See how long he is getting?!?!

He was watching cartoons with Bella

Yep-this was towards the end of the week when we were getting real looney

HA thats the face she makes when she KNOWS she did something wrong but thinks its hilarious-someone needs to tell her its NOT suppose to be fun to get in trouble (you'd think she was my kid or something LOL)


Goofy chica

Got a visit from Aunt June (gotta love Bella's "pearls" and pom pom)

She is ready for the Derby!

Daddy's Silly Bean

Already practicing rolling her eyes at Mama-she was playing dress up

Playing with her princess clothes from Nana's trunk

Our woods

Ice on the deck

Front yard-looks like snow but that is all ice

Ben's crater from where he tried to get his car out

The huge limb that bounced off the gutter and rolled down the flag pole

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