Thursday, February 12, 2009


We've survived another month:) Hunter had his 2 month appt today and the boy has GROWN!!!

Weight: 11lbs 6oz (gained exactly 4lbs since birth)- 50th percentile
Height: 22inches (3inches since birth)- 20th percentile
Head: 16 1/2 inches- 90th percentile

The boy has a BIG head!!! Everything looked great and he survived his shots:(

Part of the reason his nickname is "Chubs" LOL

I was trying to take pictures of Bella's haircut LOL she attacked me with her spoon

HAD to take a picture-RARE moment that her hair was actually fixed

Ignore the freaky red eyes-took these before I fixed the camera
Check out the tummy:)

Sweet boy chilling in his papasan

Love that lil mouth!!!

He is seriously the sweetest baby ever!!!

Yep, definitely a boy LOL

I think I'm gonna have a problem saying "no" to that face

Lil smirk

Talking to Mama

Bad red eyes but he is sooo cute

My beautiful princess

The boys playing Madden

This is what happens when Bella gets a hold of the camera- loverly self-portraits

Her eye LOL

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