Saturday, June 2, 2007

You're Invited!!!

Invites will be snail-mailed out in a couple of weeks, but thought I'd give the out-of-towners a heads up:)

Now.... for the fun stuff!!!!

Bella Bean's Bday Wish List

And YES, Bella IS picky and wants these SPECIFIC things (not look alikes, unless specified) because Daddy's lab has laid down the law and said they are SAFE!!!

If you are boring and think for some insane reason that this child needs more clothes, PLEASE do not buy size 12 months or it will be donated because she has no more room! She will gladly show off any size 18-24 months clothes (late summer/fall/winter) that she gets:) She proudly wears a size 2 shoe but will quickly out grow them by mid-summer.

Hide N Seek Tunnel

Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table

Baby Einstein DVDs
(DVDs shown are the ones that the beautiful brat does not already have in her collection)

Robeez Shoes

Don't have to be the brand name. Bella will gladly dance around in knock-offs:)

If you dare to spend the full price on a brand-name pair of Robeez, I promise we WILL point and laugh at you!

Fun, educational wooden toys

Play phone

(Bella REALLY wants to leave Mama's cell phone alone!)

Outdoor Swing

(Bella will take it back if it does not have a 5-point harness!)

Lullaby GloWorm

(Because every lil girl needs one)

Chicco Bi-Lingual Talking Farm

Frog Pod

(Bella seems to have a rubber ducky addiction and has acquired quite the collection. Now they need a "house" of their own. THIS specific item has been tested SAFE!)

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