Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bella Bean's Bday Party!!!


We celebrated Bella's 1st birthday with a cookout/pool party at our house with family and friends on July 14th.

Bella with Pop, Mama and Daddy before the fun started

R to L: Mama's friend Jessica, Papa, Gramma, Bella's friend Logen, Uncle Popeye (Aaron), GiGi, Papa Dana

Bella with her neighbor friend, Joy (they are 10 days apart)

Bella and Logen playing with the toys in the pool-they couldn't decide if the cold water was worth getting in:) They both ended up in the pool for about 15 minutes. We decided to get them out when they started shivering:)

Bella's friend Parker (Logen's lil brother)

The FUN has begun!!!! Lil miss icing lips:)

This one is DEFINITELY going in the black mail pile:)

My sweet baby girl is 1!!!!

Don't let the dainty fingers fool ya!

Time for presents!!!!

Bella and Logen testing out the new toys

Big huge THANK YOU from Bella for all of the awesome gifts!!! We can barely pull her away from them. We ended up having to put a few in each room so she would stop spinning in circles looking at all of them LOL Thank you to everyone that was able to be at her party-ya'll made it a wonderful day and we were so glad you were able to share it with us. I still can't believe that lil 6lb baby is a year old!!!!

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  1. We had fun!!! All but the paper streamers that Parker ate yesterday part. They came out in a diaper today! When you find pink streamers in your baby's diaper, you kinda flip out!! Thanks for having us! I took a few cute ones that I will upload to our blog as soon as I can!