Monday, August 13, 2007

It is HOT!!!

Summer is suppose to be FUN!!!! Summer= playing outside, chasing doggies, swimming in the pool, running through the sprinkler, being lazy outside in the evening when the sun never ends. Nope, its over 100 degrees and the heat index is approaching 110. It isn't suppose to get this hot in Arkansas!!! I grew up in TX, spent 19 years of my life there-it is ok for it to be hot there, but NOT here. No one got my approval for this!!! LOL WAAAAAGGGGHHHHH I wanna take my baby to the pool, let her run through the Splash Park, and go take walks at the Lake. NOPE gotta be hot:(

K the wambulance just left, I'm ok now.

My Bean is a walking machine (wooo rhyming!!!). She is all over the place. I love walking down the hallway, holding her one lil hand like she is a big girl walking next to mama (ok there is no "like she is" because she really is a big girl walking next to mama but just let me pretend, ok?). We went outside and chased the neighbor's kitty EARLY this morning before the heat advisory kicked in full force and she was all up and down the drive way (HUGE slant, big muscles are required to walk it LOL). It is funny though, when we play inside, she loves to walk everywhere but when she is playing, she has started playing on her back and rolling around (regressing back to her 6 month old self that couldn't sit up yet?!?!). Cracks me up-its like she is still wanting to hang on to being a baby a little bit longer. I love it because she'll let me lay next to her and tickle her. She makes me love being mama so much!!!

Just in case anyone was wondering-Cigna is currently on my VERRRRRY bad list!!!

Today's Countdowns:

FIVE 5~5~5~5 DAYS til Jessafern gets her happy lil pickle bootay to Arkansas- CANNOT wait to see my first baby girl:) and have her play with my REAL baby girl LOL Three Pickles under one roof-watch out world!!!!

77 DAYS til we fly to the beach and play with Pop:) (I pulled up just to see how hot it is here today and first thing that pops up is a hurricane in Hawaii. Hawaii can have all of those suckers this year, stay FAR FAR FAR away from the Gulf!!!!)

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