Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Radiation Gameplan

I will be undergoing external beam radiation therapy to the pelvic region. VERRRRRY thankful that I do NOT have to do brachytherapy which is inserting cartridges internally. It will be 5 days per week for 5 weeks. I have my mapping CT scan tomorrow morning so I'm hoping and praying we can get started next week-I'm ready!!!!

Final path results which determined need for radiation therapy:

  • Cancer went 11mm deep and this ended up being greater than 2/3 of the total cervical tissue (figured as much since it probably started growing when I was 18 wks pregnant with Hunter if not before... he is now 5 months old so thats quite a while to grow. Choosing to pray for the doctor that saw this growth at 18wks, ignored it, along with all my bleeding throughout the entire pregnancy and ignored it during my 6wk post-partum appt as well as brushed off bleeding heavily continuously by the time Hunter was 4 months old. Also praying for ALL of her patients that have no clue what type of doctor they are dealing with. Unfortunately my medical records from her office have been clearly altered to show absolutely no mention of the polyp, no bleeding during the pregnancy-barely mentions my various hospitalizations or ER trips, and nothing post-partum. It does show that the records from each of those visits had been electronically opened during the past week which confirms this. So just giving her and all her patients over to God because there is no more I can do with it at this point.)
  • Cancer had invaded the lymphovascular system.
  • Cancer was 3.3cm in diameter.... 4cm is considered large, so it was "large" but much closer to large than small.

I'm at peace with this and just ready to get going. Radiation has been shown to reduce the chance of recurrence in half so I'm game!!!!

I'm exhausted (think all the time in the sun the past two days has just depleted any energy I had). I won't be able to spend much time in the sun nor will I be able to swim until my radiation areas have healed. Not exactly great timing for that since both kiddos thrive outside and Bella has a blast at the pool but we'll figure it out as we go:)

Love ya! D


  1. Oh my goodness. I so would think about suing that dr. I know you will be fine very soon! Praying for a full recovery which I'm sure you will make.

  2. I'm not a big advocate of lawsuits, but I seriously think you should consult an attorney. If you can prove your records were altered, that MD needs to face some repercussions. The thought that someone else out there could experience what you are now facing makes me shudder.

  3. You are a strong woman to make that choice to pray for her and her patients. That takes more courage than anything else sometimes.
    Have you considered saying her name, to let others know. (I don't know if you've mentioned her in your prior blogs). Personally I'm curious because my OBGYN is a woman, and I've had similar 'lack of reaction' from her about different things that should have been taken seriously.
    You are a strong woman! I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing with everyone!