Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HUGEST Picture Update EVER!!!

Hrmmm yeah so I'm just a tad behind in updating this blog LOL God threw us a few curve balls so we've been a little busy kicking some cancer's butt (http://mamadanielle.blogspot.com). Don't even think I haven't been taking pics-I have been, just haven't had time/energy to put them on here. So here we go.... and they are in reverse order so newest ones are first.

Teething monster that LOVES to be naked

Somewhere between the house and the park (below) I got a smudge on my lens but didn't notice because of the BEAUTIFUL bright sunshine!!! So here is a blurry lil mermaid (that puked in the kiddy pool and then said, "Pool please please please" when we had to wait 30 minutes for them to clean it out LOL)

Decorating her legs with sand

Daddy and Bella *attempting* to seesaw

My sweet lady getting some much needed outside playtime-thanking God for the sun FINALLY!!

Hunter's favorite toys are the balloons that Bella got for pottying

This is a typical afternoon at our house-Ben goes to say "hi" to Hunter and Bella runs in for the kill.... can't be stealing her Daddy time!!!

Even Bella is pitching in around the house LOL

Inspecting the plate so she can tell Daddy where it is dirty

"See Mama, I help!!!"

Poor Daddy-Bella can't stand it LOL

Hunter getting an old fashioned sink bath from Aunt Carolyn

"WHAT?!?! Mom, I'm NAKED!!!"

The aftermath of Bella trying to help Daddy water the flowers

Sweet boy playing outside

Sissy showing him how to spin the toys

I love my babies!!!! I love watching Bella and how much she has fun being a big sissy:)


Fat lil legs in his dino Robeez

"I don't need toys, Mama! God gave me fingers for a reason ya know!!"


Just hanging out

2nd favorite toys.... his toes

Forgot his dentures

I love you sweetest boy!!!

Chowing down in the nude (gotta love the snowman bib in the middle of May/June)

Bella actually let me put her hair in some messy pigtails and kept them in long enough for me to catch some evidence LOL

YUM gotta love baby cereal + formula + baby applesauce

Cheesy monkeys

Wonder how long they will happily play together?

Big shot sitting in his Bumbo

Poor kid never gets a minute away from the cameras

LOL she was screaming, "LOOK AT ME MISTER!!!"

lil circus tricks going on

Look at me!!!


Having a lil Sissy tummy time

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