Monday, January 11, 2010

Hunter's 1st Bday, Christmas & Snow

Yep-behind again!! Instead of playing catch up, I'll just post the most recent pics:) Hunter turned 1 in December-still cannot believe my baby is letting go of furniture and walking, eating real food, and having a blast with his big sissy!!! We had a white Christmas-and LOTS of snow days!! It was definitely a holiday full of thanks and blessings-so happy to be healthy and able to spend every day with my family.

My silly guys

My name is Bella and I have OCD-seriously she had to take breaks while opening gifts so she could gather up the bags and trash LOL

Snuggling with Uncle Popeye

Smart guy figuring out puzzles (seriously, he amazes me!)

Answered prayers~they LOVE to play together!!!


Dr. May

Playing with Nana

Wasn't too sure what to think of the cupcake (definitely my texture yuk kiddo)

EWWWW get this junk off my fingers NOW!!!!

Ahhh much better with a spoon:)

YUM crumbs

Sissy on the otherhand just digs right in

Cheeser in her dress from Aunt 'Net (THANK YOU!!!)

LOVE my lil lady in her snow angel princessy dress ($5 @ Target WOOO)

Love my Cheeser Bean

Merry Christmas!!!

Santa visit (you can see Bella's reaction LOL)

We took a ride on the carousel after seeing Santa

Daddy's girls

Christmas Eve Service @ Fellowship-lil glowstick elves

Christmas Eve at Papa's (Bella decorated the tree)

Chubs showing Uncle Buddah how to work his new camera

His general reaction to Christmas this year LOL

Babies checking out the white stuff

Playing in the ball pit-they both had a blast!

My sweet Santa baby growing up

Lil Snow bunny

Being silly on Christmas at Papa's

Our Southern Blizzard

My People-loves you!!

My guys


Missy's hair when she wakes up in the morning-seriously have to tame that mess every morning!!!

Mr. Man decided to climb up and sit like a big boy with Sissy (eating crackers with the Doras). Bella said, "Mama! Look, brother is a big boy now!! I'm so proud!" LOL

His favorite sneaky spot under the end table

Best buds

Gamers chilling with old school NES (one of our snow days-we had a karoake dance fest and old school NES Duck Hunt)

True Gamer-has a device for each hand LOL

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