Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bella's School

Bella is officially enrolled for PK3 at Lifeway Christian School!!! She starts in August and I can't wait!!! I met with the Preschool Principal today, Mrs. Laird, and really love all the teachers and everyone that I got to meet. She will go Monday through Friday, 8am-3pm like "big girl school". They do 5 field trips a year (fire station, pumpkin patch, Fun City, Gentry Safari.... and one other that I can't remember). Parents are super involved which I LOVE!! The teachers each have a website where you can go and see the lessons for the week, the week's bible verse, snacks, etc. and they encourage parents to always go to the teacher if they have any questions or issues at all. Its just a great partnership. I really think Bella is going to love it and just do awesome. They have chapel time every morning (I remember this from when I went to preschool at St. Luke's eons ago and loved it-Bella is a lil praying priss always reminding us to pray at dinnertime and she loves when we pray for the animals and all the people she knows), then they do a fun activity, their curriculum, lunch, naptime, and then "specials" which are art, music, PE, and library (OMG will she ever love the library days!!!). All of the buildings are secure and you have to enter a code into the punch pad to even get in-LOVE that! I just got a really awesome feeling about and am gonna start a countdown to August LOL

They use a Bob Jones based cirriculum-had no clue what that was so Google helped:) Next year's curriculum will be similar to this:

Circle Time Discussion
• Heritage Studies and science
• Receptive and expressive
language skills; discussion skills;
vocabulary expansion; picture
• Interpersonal relationships utilizing
scriptural applications with
Bible Action Truths

Action Rhymes and Poems
• Language expression; auditory
discrimination in rhyming words

English Skills
• Receptive and expressive language
skills; visual and auditory
discrimination; prewriting
• Language-experience activities
for print awareness (such as
labeling, experience charts); dramatizations;
creative movement;
imitative play; stories

• Counting; number recognition;
sorting; classifi cation; sequencing

Art and Crafts
• Creative expression; observation
skills; eye-hand coordination

• Sensory and language
• Vocabulary expansion such as
hot, cold, empty, full, and terms
of measurement
• “Reading” labels and recipes
• Fine and gross motor skills; vocabulary
expansion in directional
terms such as up and down, top
and bottom

• Singing; listening; moving;

• Listening appreciation of good
literature (Annotated bibliographies
are included for most units)
• Print awareness; picture reading

I PROMISE I'll post updated pics soon:)

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