Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MAJOR Picture Update:)

Lil chica LOVES animals-especially "babies" and definitely doggies:) We actually found this one running around with a soup can stuck on his head in Uncle Popeye's neighbor's yard-Super Daddy rescued him and then Bella carried him around saying, "Puppy Mama, where are you?" and then claimed that it was HER puppy

Playing with Uncle Popeye's dog, Blondie-sweetest dog EVER put up with Bella squeeling after her all weekend:)

HA yep attitude:)


First daffodil to pop up this year. We have beds full of daffodils that my Nana gave to me the spring before she went to Heaven.

Chubs being... chubby

Bella was swinging and screaming, "WEEEEE"-Hunter kept giggling in his sleep:)

Having to readjust the straps-she has grown ALOT since Daddy took the swing down before winter


She could not stop smiling-chica was SOOOO happy to be able to play outside again:)

oh I love this!!! Truly makes my heart smile so big

Look at all that hair!!!

She was watching the leaves "wiggle"

Big push, Daddy!!!!

I love my guys!!!

She found the bear on his shirt-watch out Chubs!

ahhh love (this is the face I get when I tell her to cheese)

Watching cartoons before we head to church

just being Chubs (that is Sissy's sippy cup.... I only wish!!!)

Snuggling Sickies- guess the same goes for them as it was for me when I was sick as a kid.... snuggling in Mama and Daddy's bed makes it all better

The Princess's Throne

More sickie snuggles

I love my babies!!!

Nana loves

Snoozing snuggles

HA Bella decided to help me make Valentine's Day cupcakes. Apparently they had done finger painting and hand prints at school that day and she decided that the cupcake batter would make a perfect medium and so the counter was her canvas:)

Her masterpiece

Getting some more "paint"

Cupcake batter is very versatile-can also serve as toenail polish!!!

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