Sunday, August 9, 2009

August Pics

Feeling LOTS better now that I have normal hemoglobin levels... just enjoying the kiddos and the last bit of summer.

Yep, she's definitely mine-would rather read books than watch cartoons and insists on taking her books outside with her to read:)

Reading her Bible:)

Playing with the baby capuchin monkey at the Safari

Mama kangaroo with her baby hanging out of the pouch

Bella checking out the mini pony

Cheesyman:) with his toofers!

I have a baby picture of me EXACTLY like this!!!

This just LOOKS like trouble!!!

His newest thing is to put his thumb in his mouth and then stick up his fingers like this and blow zurberts:)

Blowing zurbers with his tongue hanging out:) He thinks zurberts are the greatest thing ever and cracks up laughing when he does it when I'm trying to feed him.

My silly boys

Daddy loves

Grma's dog, Jake, always sits at the bottom of the highchair when Bella eats lunch-cracked me up when Hunter scooted over there to take his turn:) And yes, my 3 yr old is in a highchair cuz its the one time of the day I can actually contain her and get stuff done!!!

Cutie patootie

Love me some Hunter

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