Friday, February 4, 2011

My Heart Strings

Yes, I'm still alive. My blogging shall be resurrected!

Where have I been? What have I been up to?

We had Bella

And then Hunter

We became the MayQuad

Mama beat cancer.  

And now, I'm here. A Jesus follower. A prayer warrior. A prayerful wife to an awesome husband. A minivan driving mama to my tiny dancer and my sunshine b-o-y. A cancer butt kickin' warrior princess. A proud Cancer Posse member. 

Really... just a girl with heart strings being pulled by a powerful Father who wrote this story and who loves having front row seats so He can watch as I figure out how to simply be, simply let His plans unfold in His time in His most beautiful ways.

So THIS blog is exactly as the name says... random notes about the many directions God pulls my heart strings. Faith. Redemption. Conviction. Second Chances. Cancer. Adoption. Family. Marriage. Life. All I can promise is that it will be real. It will be me. Totally uncensored with the intent to bring Him glory. I can't make everyone happy and some things I post might not be pretty or in line with your plans for me but I can hope your heart will smile knowing you are getting a peek into mine.

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