Monday, February 7, 2011

This Little Light of Mine

I've decided God must set a daily quota of laughing a deep belly gut laugh while watching me at least once a day. I seriously had all intentions of getting on here and writing all about my new favorite song. God's plans are SOOOOO much more awesome than anything I could ever dream of coming up with. BUT I'm stubborn.... so I'll compromise. Favorite song post and then the God prompted goodies:)

I've been hearing this song at least a few mornings a week on KLRC. At first I just loved the fact that it was a new, fresh song intertwined with an old favorite. Then I fell in love with the beat which meant me LOUDLY singing out of tune (and Bella begging me to stop and put on her "girl music" aka Amanda Lacewell or Kari Jobe CDs). Then the God moment that led me to want to hear this song every single morning on the way into work so I could have it run through my head

Sunday morning I was in the shower-my daily place for quiet time (yes, I know... but it is the one consistent place that I go every day that is MINE and no one can interrupt. Fortunately, God doesn't mind)... and God gently creeps into my heart and convicts me of the masks, the double life, the fakeness, and complete false images I glide between as I go through every day. 

We all have our different titles that we wear- wife, mom, writer, cancer survivor, goofball, serious mama bear, Christian, advocate... but no matter what hat we are wearing at any given moment, we should never let what matters most change even in the slightest in our hearts. Our lights should never dim, no matter what room we are in, no matter who is there with us, no matter what subject is at hand, NO.MATTER.WHAT. Our light is not a flashlight. It isn't one that can be switched on and off at a whim's notice. Yes, some days our lights are going to be a tiny flicker. But that should not drive us away from the desire to seek that fire burning inside of us with the hope that God is with us no matter how big or tiny our flame is and if you are willing to take that giant scary leap, He has an awesome bonfire waiting for you.

Nifty analogy but I totally digressed from where I meant to go. I've decided to listen to this song every morning before I go to work so I can just let God resonate in my heart and remind me that if I truly love Him, if I truly trust Him, and if I truly want to share His love... I gotta let my light shine and not turn on the dimmer when certain people are around. 

Addison Road did a MUCH better job of putting it into words and application in their bible study inspired by this amazing song.

Stole this from someone's signature:

Don't bring God to work, make Him the cornerstone of your work

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