Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was Bella's first day of kindergarten!!! Hard to believe that my baby girl that could barely fit into premie clothes is starting "big girl school." 

She was SUPER excited this morning and very proud of her Hello Kitty outfit that she picked out:)

Being my Silly Bean:) She didn't show any nerves until we got to the school and they opened the doors. Then she clutched my hand super duper tight with both of her hands. Then switched back to excited once we got to her room and she saw her teacher. Then a little timid once more kiddos started to arrive. Praying she has an AWESOME first day!!

The Little Brother was pretty excited for Sissy:)

Making cookies earlier this summer. He LOVES to have us turn on the oven light and "watch" things cook.

I was taking pics of him coloring and he made me re-take them so he could pose:)

Proud of his new Spidey sneakers, Spidey umbrella, Silly Bands, and his big boy hat that he wore on Hat Day at daycare:)

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