Friday, August 5, 2011

Pic Updates

A little behind?!?!?

We decided to take the kiddos to volunteer in Joplin after the tornado. They knew that Mama had been off work (our office was closed the week immediately following the tornado. We didn't sustain any damage but we had no power.) and knew I had been up there helping, and they kept hearing about it on the radio. I decided not to take them through the worst damaged areas-though it is impossible to completely avoid seeing at least some and they both commented on the "broken houses." We were blessed to find a volunteer opportunity that was kiddo friendly. We served with the Boomtown Run Days of Service (typically it is a half-marathon but the race route was in the line of destruction so they turned it into a Day of Service-awesome idea!!!!) at the Salvation Army on 7th Street. The kids had a BLAST!!!! They got to help empty huge boxes of donated Kleenex and then use big fat magic markers to mark through the UPC codes (had no clue but apparently people try to return donated items to get money... praying!!!).

Yep, she looks just a little bit like her mama LOL:)

Watch out-muscle boy coming through!!!
Being a stinker even while serving as His hands and feet:)

This has been our absolute favorite place this summer-the Splash Park in Downtown Bentonville. Seriously THE greatest invention E-V-E-R!!!!

Waiting for the water to erupt

The 2nd best part (best part is the total fun and hearing their happy squeals)... super duper awesome naps!!!

ahhh the anticipation

Bean being Bean:)

We love the Splash Park so much that we decided to have Bella's 5th birthday party there:) She went with a mermaid (non-Disney) theme, and it was super easy!!! Anyone that has kiddos with summer bdays, I highly recommend the Splash Park. It is free to reserve the 3 tables and you don't have to come up with any cheesy games to entertain the kids-they just run and play in the water and have a blast just being kids:)

Part of the mermaid/under the sea theme... I wanted to do something super cute with the cupcake toppers (thinking this... Mermaid Party Pack) but without spending a fortune. I found these awesome foam sea characters at Target, stuck them back to back and shoved a toothpick in them:)  I had to design the mermaid myself... totally traced it:)

Definitely the hit present- a big wheels from Uncle Aaron and Aunt Ronda. She drove that thing ALLLLLL over the Splash Park LOL

Hunter had to have his turn too, of course:)

Goofy best buddies playing with Daddy's Halloween redneck wig:)

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