Friday, October 5, 2007

New Random Pictures

Decided to empty the camera since we are going to the Rogers Fall Festival and I'm hoping to take TONS of pics:) So here is some randomness....

My loverly creation:) I wanted a Fall wreath but didn't like any that WalMart had and didn't want to wait until the craft fairs, so I bought this snazzy lil dude, whom was actually a scarecrow on a stand (think centerpiece) and then I added the leaves. Just call me Martha:)
My baby LOVES to read!!!!!! She loves to climb up in her big girl chair too. I actually bought it as a set with an umbrella picnic table in Italy when I was babysitting. I bet she'll love it next Spring-we can play tea LOL:)
Reading to Daddy and Gramma (and Copper on the floor).
P-A-S-S-E-D O-U-T!!!! I was finishing up some work so Daddy took Bella for a walk and she was obviously a little tuckered out:) (child NEVER falls asleep when I take her for walks LOL)

My poor punkin-total blackmail pic here:) This was when she had a cold a few weeks ago, disgusting runny nose. She was eating Cheerios (shoving hand fulls in her mouth LOL) and one didn't quite make it in. NASTY!! Got stuck in the snot river:) I LOVE YOU BEAN!!!!

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