Friday, October 12, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

This morning we went to Vanzant's Produce Farm and played in the Pumpkin Patch. We are going to be in Alabama on Halloween (DEFINITELY running to the store to get the last of the good pumpkins as soon as we get there so we can carve some!!!) but I still wanted Bella to be able to get some baby pumpkins to play with because she had a BLAST playing with one at Miss Amanda's house.

Bella had fun "petting" the pumpkins and wiping the morning dew off:) She LOVED playing with the pumpkins that had "warts".
Vanzant's has a really awesome Pumpkin Patch. Its in a nice rolling valley with pumpkins EVERYWHERE-kids can just run around in them. They have HUGE scarecrows all over the place. Even a little scarecrow family in chairs with a scarecrow baby. Bella's favorite was the fishing scarecrow-he had HUGE fishing lures that looked like real fish that she loved playing with. She liked playing with the scarecrows' noses LOL:)
"MOOOOM!!! I like this one!! THIS ONE THIS ONE THIS ONE!!! It has lots of warts!!!"
"oops wait-this one is nice a lopsided!!!"
WEEEEEE Pumpkins EVERYWHERE:) How cute is my Bean in her lil pumpkin patchastic jean jacket? It has matching khaki pants but they fell right off her:)
'scuse me, I'm having a girly moment and would like to play with the flowers!
They had all kinds of great places to sit and take pictures. We'll definitely have to come back next Autumn and bring Daddy so we can get some good pics:)
Don't forget-MUST pet the plastic squirrels!!!!! A little boy came up and STOLE all the squirrels away from Bella and ran off! She was devastated:(
I'll take some pictures of Bella with her pumpkins after she wakes up from her nap. I had her in her stroller and pilled them on her (5 baby pumpkins)-she would not stop giggling!!!

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  1. That looks like so much fun. So pretty! Are they open on weekends? Do you know?