Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Bit of Italia

I am making a video of pictures from when we first met, got married, went to Italy and had Bella so I've gotten to dig up alot of old pics and thought I'd share:)

Our first wedding, only 2 days before Ben left for BMT.

Us at the River Walk during BMT Grad week. Ben looked anorexic!!! He actually had pneumonia about 3/4 of BMT:( We spent the first 7 months of marriage in two different states.
Rehersal dinner for our 2nd wedding

Favorite picture from our 2nd wedding

This was our house in Italy-see why I miss the place so much?!?! Yes, the entire 3 stories was ALL ours:) It was beautiful, had marble floors on the first floor and hand-layed wood floors (think 1in x 3in pieces of wood, each put in by hand) on the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor was a finished attic. This was an old farm house so we had a HUGE corn field in the backyard and a vineyard with the most delicious grapes ever!!!
I miss my house:(
Us on a wine tasting trip

Us at the Vatican in Rome

My favorite picture of the Colosseum

Us skiing at Piancavallo (up the mountain from Aviano)

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