Thursday, November 8, 2007

Trip to Gulf Shores

Sorry it has taken me so long to get these on here-I've been playing catch up at work:)

The last Saturday of October we headed down to Little Rock for Aunt Annette's 50th birthday bash. Bella did really good on the ride down there- as long as she had a book in her hands she was happy:)

This is what Aunt 'Net got to wake up to on her front porch!! It is a cake made out of cardboard boxes:)

Her party was at their country club and the room was FULL of balloons which Bella LOVED!!! She had a blast chasing them around:)

They made Annette sit on a walker potty in the middle of the room to open presents. Jerry graciously let Annette borrow his reading glasses and someone gave her an old lady shawl as a gift-she was totally playing the part:)

Bella liked just chilling with Aunt Patsy

Bella found a new buddy to flirt with- Uncle Jackie:)

Annette with Cole and Bella- Cole is a year older than Bella and outweighs her by about 20 lbs.
Monday morning (BEFORE THE SUN WAS UP!!!) we headed to the airport to fly to Gulfport. The airport is still under alot of construction from Ivan and Katrina's damage. The weather was PERFECT the entire week!

Us at the beach in the wind:) The sand was sooooo pretty. The dry parts were like fluffy snow and the wet parts were like sno-cone ice.

my favorite lil beach babe:) She didn't get in the water except for in Daddy's arms-it was too cold but she liked playing with the shells.

So adorable!!!

Here Mama, I stole your glasses!

Hrmmm now I'll eat them:)

Screaming at the birds:)

Pensacola Beach, FL

Crazy people in the cold water (gotta teach Pop how to take pics that do NOT include his finger!!!)

The cool people:) Bella LOVES her Dora shades

Bella LOVED being outside and Pop has the greatest yard EVER!!! It is HUGE-tons of room for Bella to just run and dance and be silly (which she did about 90% of the time we were there!) and there is an awesome butterfly garden that she LOVED!!!

On Halloween we took Bella to the library where Pop works. She loved digging into the goody bowls:)

ARRRGH my lil Pirate Princess:)

Pirate Family:)

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