Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gobble Gobble!!!

WOOHOO gonna get the gobble on tomorrow:) My turkey is currently in the fridge thawing. Gonna stuff that bird and make it yummy tonight so it can soak up all the YUM overnight. Tonight we are having Gusano's (GREATEST Chicago-style pizza EVER) with Vicky, Aunt June & Uncle Rudolph. Ben and I will spend the evening setting up guest beds in the computer room. Then tomorrow the feasting begins:) Our menu:

Turkey- Danielle (I LOOOOOOVE making the Thanksgiving turkey!!!!)
Stuffing- GiGi
Mashed Potatoes- Nana
Sweet Potatoes- Danielle
Green Beans- Nana
Corn- Danielle
Carrots- Danielle
Cranberry Sauce- GiGi (homemade for everyone); Danielle (store bought for Ben-WEIRDO)
Rolls- Nana
Apple Squares-GiGi
Pumpkin Pie- GiGi
Pecan Pie- Nana
Mincemeat tarts- GiGi

Jerry & Aaron will be arriving on Thursday. We'll have them, Nana & Papa Dana, GiGi & Papa, and us:) Can't wait to pig out and then pass out watching some pigskin!!!

We are thankful for:
~A healthy year
~Watching our lil beauty bean grow into an awesome lil chica
~Having family close and willing to drive to see us
~Family Love
~Anthony flying home in less than a month!!!!
~Stacy's fam coming for Christmas
~Safe trips throughout the year that allowed us to visit family and friends
~Jobs that we look forward to each day (Carmina ROKS!!!)
~Forever Friends (LOVE YOU ALY!!!)
~Each other- I couldn't live this life without you babe, I love you!!!!

AMEN, DIG IN!!!!!!!

Quick Christmas list update: please take the building blocks off the list. This item has been purchased. THANKS:)

Hope everyone has a safe, fun, relaxing, and full tummy Thanksgiving:)

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