Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Christmas Lists

You've been begging for it, the long awaited, its FINALLY here......



If my baby gets nothing else this Christmas, she would LOVE a wagon. She had SOOOO much fun riding in Pop's big wagon in Bama and the red wagon at Aunt 'Nette's-she's GOTTA have one of her own!!! PLEASE do not buy one of the plastic ones (I'll take it back), and it MUST have the side rails like the one above or.... I'll take it back:) Not trying to ruin the fun but I love my baby-gotta keep her safe!!!!

LeapFrog Little Touch LeapPad

Any kind of musical instruments!!! Its funny-I use to call Bella my "Tiny Dancer" when I was pregnant because she ALWAYS danced when there was music playing. Now that she is on the outside, she does the EXACT same thing. It doesn't matter where we are or what is going on, if she hears any inkling of music, that lil body is dancing all over the place.

Bean needs a baby doll. This baby doll should be soft and snuggleable (can have a hard face, hands, feet, but needs a soft body). If it pees, cries, talks, poops, requires batteries in any fashion, I will stomp on it and then take it back. Just a plain Jane baby doll for Bean to snuggle and love (ok so she will probably throw it and tackle it 75% of the time but that is cute too LOL)

I dunno where she got these genes-gotta be Daddy because it sure as heck isn't me!!! But the child LOVES to clean. If she sees a dish rag within reach, she grabs it and is cleaning-she loves to wipe down her tray after she eats, wipes the walls, wipes the floors-anything ol Bean thinks needs a wiping:) When I take her outside to rake leaves, she fights me for the broom (when she isn't busy supervising and barking orders... ok so she DID get that from me LOL). And anytime we are at a friend's house that has a play vacuum, she is on it. So my lil lady needs her own vacuum-gotta train 'em early!!!

My baby has the kind of brain that likes to build things, tear them apart, figure out how they work and put them back together. She needs some building blocks faster than pronto!!!!

If for some insane reason you believe that this child needs clothes (have you SEEN her closet lately?!?!), by all means, feel free to get her a Gymboree gift card. She won't be offended-they have a little couch and TV set that she LOOOOOVES to lounge on while Mama finds her ADORABLE clothes (SERIOUSLY!!!!). If you decide to take it upon yourself to buy stuff yourself (I know, its hard to resist, the stuff is WAY too cute!!!!), she might need some 18mo winter stuff and 18mo/2T spring stuff. If you find leftovers from summer, I'm gonna guess that she'll be 2T-3T. If you spend exorbitant amounts of money on clothes for this child, don't spend it all on one place, get GOOD bargains on lots of outfits-she is gonna wear it a max of 5 times during a month before she outgrows it.


Wide-Screen DVD, please. If you get Full Screen, he'll have to take it back which will entail him standing in the return line at WalMart which will mean a CRANKY Benjamin-PLEASE save me the migraine and just get wide-screen:)

PlayStation2 Smackdown vs Raw 2008 (you can save yourself alot of trouble and just get him a WalMart or BestBuy gift card LOL)

Again, wide-screen (I'm begging you, you do NOT understand what stepping a foot into WalMart does to this man's blood pressure LOL)

Again, save yourself the trouble-just go the safe route and make the boy go find his stuff himself:)

He wants (NEEEEEEDS) to buy some new jeans. He thought he wanted American Eagle but we went there the other weekend and it seems all the jeans they make now are either spandex or ride so low your butt crack hangs out-he wasn't happy. So he isn't sure which brand he wants to get now so he'd rather just have money so we can go exploring the Promenade and find the boy some pants!!!:)


VISA Gift Card- I can spend it ANYWHERE:) Don't confine me LOL You can get them at the bank:)

PJ pants, medium, COMFY

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