Friday, November 16, 2007

Text Only Baby

Ya'll are gonna have to live with text-only posts for a bit until we get our new camera:( Its driving me crazy-I keep jumping for the camera to get good pics and BOOOOOOO!!!! So I'll just have to update you and you can picture it in your head!

I am having a Pampered Chef Cooking Party tomorrow so I've been cleaning all week and Bella has been soooo cute-she LOVES to help! She kept stealing my dust rag away from me and was wiping everything she could reach. She'd wipe the floor and then throw the rag and jump up and down giggling. Anytime she found something that she thought was trash (the child is like a human vacuum cleaner-she can find the tiniest lil dust balls and pieces of lint!!!), she would pick it up and RRRRUUUUNNNN to the trash can and bang on the lid until I opened it for her.

Her new favorite things to do are:
  • Dance in circles to make herself dizzy
  • Pull out the kitchen mat and jump on it
  • Do laps in the kitchen and living room, screaming the whole time
  • Get her big penguin and wrestle it to the ground
  • Give "Bella kisses" (loverly sloppy open mouth kisses)
  • Loooooooooves to snuggle and watch a cartoon w/ some milk when she wakes up in the morning (no more nursing!)
  • Has figured out that the bedroom TV remote works in the living room as well, and will run back and forth changing the channels (yes, she can change the channels, until it gets to Animal Planet and then she plops on the floor and is actually still for a few minutes)
  • Likes to stick her tongue between her top and bottom front teeth and blow zerberts
  • When she is sitting in the back seat of the car, she'll sing "Mamaaaaa" and I'll say, "Bella" and we do it back and forth til she cracks up laughing
  • Favorite time of the day: when we are getting ready for bathtime, right after Mama takes off her diaper and she streaks through the house squeeling like a lil girl:)
  • She won't eat anything off a fork unless she can do it herself
  • The girl is gonna be an awesome catcher in softball-she can't catch worth a crud yet but she can chunk that ball like there is no tomorrow!!! And she doesn't underhand toss it either, she chunks it like a big boy!!!
  • When you give her a hug, she likes to pat ya on the back now:)
  • She LOOOOOOOOVES stairs!!! She had never been around stairs before and we went to playgroup the other day at a house that had stairs. She spent 75% of the time racing up and down the stairs-figured out how to get up and down within 10 minutes of being there!!!

k my jaw is starting to hurt (had wisdom teeth surgery last week, ended up with a black eye in the process LOL) so I'm gonna hit the sack

Next week is gonna be CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY!!!!

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