Sunday, January 27, 2008

Picture Catch Up

I DL'd the pictures from this weekend and realized I had alot of pictures left on the camera so I'm doing a picture catch up:)

Bella having some art time with her new markers-they magically only draw on the special paper:)
Hot shottin:)
Being a silly goober with her markers-I LOVE that goofy cheese!

Her first haircut-MAYBE 5 snips but it was getting so long it was all over her eyes and she looked like a little boy that had been out playing in the wind LOL She did SOOOO good-didn't fuss at all, just sat there and let Miss Crystal play with her hair:)

Gotta love the look of concern-what is Mama doing now???

Her favorite toy-the kitchen her Nana got for Christmas. She decorated the front of the fridge with alphabet stickers like they are magnets. She LOVES to play with this thing:)

Giving SpongeBob a breathing treatment

Poor punkin had bronchitis and had to do breathing treatments. She did really awesome and we didn't even have to use the baby mask-she did it like a big girl!

hehe bribery!!!!

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