Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day

We got a few inches of snow on Thursday-our annual January snowstorm in the Ozarks:) I'll NEVER forget the awful one we had the day that Ben left for Basic Training. We had been married 2 days, he left that morning and it took me SIX hours to drive home from work (normally 45 minutes) because of the snow and ice. Stupid truckers were jack-knifed all over the place. I couldn't get up the main hill so I had to call some friends to get me in their truck. I made yellow snow that night-you would too if you had been stuck in a car for 6 hours LOL!!! ANYWAYS, some pics from this year's snow day:)

Bean isn't sure what to think of it LOL She loved watching it fall ALL DAY LONG out the front window. Gotta love the MC Hammer snow suit that GiGi bought her in Boston before she was even born:)

Love my snow people:)

Course she gets cranky and THEN he takes a picture of me with her LOL

I started getting all our snow stuff out so we could get bundled up. Bella grabbed Ben's beanie and gloves:)

I think I got it Mama!!! (yes, she is MY daughter, surrounded by penguins LOL)

Gotta concentrate here!

Threw in some Mardi Gras bling for the full effect:)

I love my Bean!!!!

Bella's picnic table COVERED- which she decided we HAD to clean off so she could sit on it, then proceeded to throw a girly fit because it was cold LOL
More backyard

just chillin with Daddy
Trying to steal the camera
Better run ya lil stink!!

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