Thursday, March 20, 2008


Today was absolutely gorgeous outside!! After going for a walk and playing/swinging in the front yard, Bella decided to help us water the "plants" on the back deck. They are basically the leftovers from last year's cheap pretties from WalMart but will most likely be used for tomatoes this year.

She is mesmerized by water!!! She loves bathtime, loves to brush her teeth and rinse her brush (and yes, spit like a lady LOL), and play with water any chance she gets.

Sweet lil red headed fairy

The famous cheeser:)

My new FAVORITE picture!!! She is absolutely in love with her Daddy (and visa versa) and loves to imitate everything he does (no pressure Daddy LOL). She always looks up to him with the biggest eyes and just soaks it all up.

Guess they needed some more water LOL

Helping Daddy throw leaves off the porch-my lil OCD clean freak at work:)

Her new favorite non-water activity is drawing. She did a really awesome job coloring her shamrock at school for St. Patty's and is starting to realize the whole "stay in the lines" concept.

This is serious business Mama!!!! Must have my pen AND pencil!

Hard work-had to take a drawing break outside:)

Spring and Summer are gonna be so much fun with her this year. She is all over the place and absolutely LOVES being outside. On the days it is rainy, she just stands at the window and moans LOL She loves birds too-anytime she hears one singing she gets excited. When we are in her bedroom in the morning she will say "tweets" whenever she hears a bird:) I wish my Nana were here to see all of this-she loved watching Bella grow and is like me-could just watch her do her thing all day long and my heart just smiles so full. But I know she is watching and gets so much joy out of seeing her little Petunia grow. I still tell her "Sweet Dreams with GiGi" every night at bedtime:)

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